Lost Ark Russian Open Beta Mail.ru Account Registration Guide

Note: the use of Google Translate or the Google Translate Chrome plugin is recommended.

The registration for Mail.ru is completely free and there will be no reverification waves. You are safe to play and only need a Russian/CIS region VPN, such as ExitLag(You can get 20% off with LADB coupon code).


You can skip step 1, if you go to Mail.ru registration page right away.

Step 1. Head to the Russian Lost Ark webpage and click the ‘Sign Up(Зарегистрироваться)’ button.

Step 2. To register through Mail.ru, click the button(as shown on the image) on the popup that appeared.

Step 3. Complete the Registration form, help is attached below

If you see the ‘I don’t have a phone number‘ option, you can skip the SMS activation in Step 4-5.

Step 4. Type your phone number, search your country and press send(lower right button). This will send you an sms code that you will need to type in for activation. (If you see the I don’t have a phone number option as highlighted, you might need a VPN to be able to skip this)

Alternatively: They may CALL your number. Don’t be scared, you just have to type the last 6-digits of the number that called your phone and hit Confirm.

Step 5. Activate with the SMS code or CAPTCHA and click on the Subscribe/Register/Sign Up button.

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