[NA][EU] Amazon to publish Lost Ark in EU/NA by 2021

Smilegate RPG announced on the 20th that it has signed an exclusive publishing contract with Amazon Games in North America and Europe. 
Through this publishing contract, the company’s flagship game, Lost Ark, will be officially released to users in North America and Europe by 2021. Amazon Games has pledged to work closely with Smilegate RPG for the successful service of Lost Arc in North America/Europe.
Amazon Games is an affiliate of Amazon’s games division. It is made up of executives and developers with long experience in the game industry, and is preparing to advance globally through self-development and publishing. In addition, it is building solid publishing capabilities by linking with game streaming platform’Twitch’, Prime Gaming, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), which have an average of 900 million viewers per month.
“Amazon Games is committed to providing a great gameplay experience with our internal development team and global top-tier external developers,” said Christopher Hartmann, Vice President, Amazon Games. It is value, and Smilegate RPG has developed a game that best matches this, and has been giving users pleasure.”
CEO Jiwon Gil of Smilegate RPG said, “Amazon Games has the capabilities optimized for global publishing such as’Twitch’,’Prime Gaming’, and’AWS’. “I think it’s the most suitable and special publisher to work with.”
Source: Gamemeca(KR)

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