Anikka Adventure Tome Guide

Lets take a look at how to complete the Anikka Adventure Tome and what rewards you can get for doing so.


Completion Reward
10% Phoenix Plume x10
20% Major HP Potion (Bound) x20
30% Pahan Card
40% Angler's Fishing Pole
50% Masterpiece #6
60% Banda Card
70% Secret Map
80% Endless Bottle
90% Structure: Guardian Luen Statue
100% Ignea Token: Anikka


You can either use our Interactive Anikka Map, or follow the instructions below.

Port City Changhun

Delphi Township

Moonmist Manor

Rattan Hill

Yeon's Barrier

Melody Forest

Jeok's Barrier

Prisma Valley

Twilight Mists

Bleak Edge

Foul Hollow

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