Arthetine Adventure Tome Guide

Lets take a look at how to complete the Arthetine Adventure Tome and what rewards you can get for doing so.


Completion Reward
10% Bergstrom Card
20% Wisdom Potion
30% Fine Gramophone
40% Emote: Advance
50% Mount: Apostel
60% Secret Map
70% Morlo Guild's Invitation
80% Hoyte Issue No. 289
90% Structure: Verdantier Model
100% Ignea Token: Arthetine


You can either use our Interactive Arthetine Map, or follow the instructions below.

Arid Path

Origins of Stern


Soldier Ant Nest

Nebel Horn

Heart of Sceptrum - Floor A

Heart of Sceptrum - Floor B

Windbringer Hill


Dr. Bergstrom's Laboratory

Red Sand Desert

Riza Falls

Verdantier - A

Verdantier - B

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