East Luterra Adventure Tome Guide

Lets take a look at how to complete the East Luterra Adventure Tome and what rewards you can get for doing so.


Completion Reward
10% Phoenix Plume x10
20% Cassleford Card
30% Kindness Potion
40% Mount: Borea Steed
50% Masterpiece #4
60% Chain War Chronicles
70% Skill Point Potion
80% Thirain Card
90% Structure: Luterra King Statue
100% Ignea Token: East Luterra


You can either use our Interactive East Luterra Map, or follow the instructions below.

Luterra Castle

Dyorika Plain

Sunbright Hill

Lastra Forest

Tomb of the Great King Luterra

Flowering Orchard

Blackrose Chapel

Blackrose Basement

Leyar Terrace

Borea's Domain

Wavestrand Port

Croconys Seashore - North

Croconys Seashore - South

Stormcry Grotto

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