Download English Patch for Lost Ark

Fan Translated English Patch

You can get the English Patch for Lost Ark RU / JP / KR here.

The hand-translated updates are on hold currently, due to the English patch team being busy and the game changing its encryption keys every now and then.

Download English Patch


  1. Download the patcher and unzip it.
  2. Start the game launcher and login, then update the client (if needed).
  3. Start the LaoTranslation.exe patcher (Run as Administrator) and browse game exe, then click 'English' button on top and then minimize after applying the patch successfully. Do not close the English patcher.
  4. RU/JP: Start Lost Ark through the official game launcher.
    KR: Start Lost Ark through the English patcher.
  5. When you are done playing, make sure Restore original on close is enabled on the patcher. Close the game, then the launcher, then the patcher.

Disconnect / Maintenance / Updates

  1. Do step 5 from above.
  2. Do steps 2, 3 and 4 from above.

Patcher Update Error

If you are getting an error when launching Updater.exe, please use the one inside the LaoTranslation/update subfolder, not the one in the main LaoTranslation folder.

Disclaimer: Lost Ark Database is not affiliated with English patch creators nor is working on it themselves, we are only helping the community by sharing information.

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