Happy New Year LostArkDB!

Happy New Year to all Lost Ark Adventurers!

Rough year behind us, hope everyone is still doing allright in the COVID pandemic. Too much disasters happened around the world.

It’s been 3 years since the first Korean Closed Betas for Lost Ark, when this site was initially put online. I have had my on and offs, taking breaks for months at a time (Sorry everyone, it happens).

Hopefully we are in the final stretch for the dream of Global Lost Ark Release, if Amazon Games manages to publish it this year.

The goal with this year is to actually gather all the information available around and get the website ready, filled up with data for the upcoming global version.

Plans for the next months:

  • The wiki page is slowly growing, it will include most basic explanations translated from the official wiki.
  • The database part will probably get outsourced, since it is a lot to maintain.
  • The interactive map will get an overhaul and update.
  • I will be updating each class pages with detailed builds and general information.
  • The preset library is already in an experimental state, needs more work done.
  • The main page and most of the site layout will be converted to a much more crowded base.
  • I will give the forums a revitalization shot, if it manages to get some activity, it should stay. (Also planning on a few features for it, such as a decent awards system)
  • Trying to turn the website into a community hub.
  • Got to catch up on missed update notes.
  • Also.. we are back on CloudFlare CDN, more stability and faster load speeds.

Hoping to see you all soon, and please be patient for a little more.

Thank you to everyone who still follows LostArkDB!

Stay safe,
– Tsurata

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