Introducing the new LostArkDB website, current state of the project

Better, faster, improved. Reborn from its ashes, LostArkDB.

Hello Adventurers,

I’d like to introduce you to the new Lost Ark Database website. I had this planned long time ago, but due to time management issues, I never made it happen until now.

In the end of September, the site had a brute force attack, that ended up deleting the whole database of the website, losing everything. I barely had time to concentrate on this matter, but recently I finally got some free time. So in the last few days, I managed to build this website up and currently filling up all the contents. The database will receive a restructure and then it’s going to get uploaded. I also plan on having my own tools for the players, please look at this website as a shell for now, I will be posting news and patch notes for both KR/RU version in the meantime while I upload the contents under the menu options.

Currently the basic functionality is here, and you can find guides, news, and some basic tools on the website in the navigation menu.

To-do list:

  • MEDIUM PRIORITY Improved, restructured Database (using the official item library)
  • HIGH PRIORITY Refreshed Wiki contents (the current ones are outdated, so I did not upload them yet)
  • HIGH PRIORITY More Guides (on basic systems of the game, probably finishing a few before Oct. 27th)
  • HIGH PRIORITY Leveling guide (will be done before Oct. 27th)
  • HIGH PRIORITY Builds for each class(will be done before Oct. 27th)
  • LOW PRIORITY Streams(Content Creator) page, it is a work-in-progress, stay tuned, it’s going to have Twitch/YouTube API implementation
  • LOW PRIORITY Improvements to base layout (this is an ongoing thing, will be improving over time)
  • MEDIUM PRIORITY Community tab, with fansites, links and other useful information about the international community (will be done before Oct. 27th)

I hope to see many of you using the website again, like when it first appeared in 2016.
We have waited together through these years and hopefully will stay together for more! Gotta keep the hype alive.

To those people, who don’t know me yet:
Hello, I’m Tsurata, a guy who loves to do as much as he can for the online gaming communities as a hobby. The only purpose of these websites are to help out the community any way I can(and ofcourse, to learn more about web development and communities). While I mostly pay the fees from my own wallet, over the years, many people supported me and helped me through the bad times.  I also had editors, who translated a HUGE amount of text and contributed a lot to the community overall.

Please let me thank the people, who helped me over the years(I’m sorry if anyone gets left out, please don’t feel bad, I do remember you, but my brain misses stuff sometimes):

  • Eto
  • Reindal
  • DeePrixel (Hi Dee! ^o^)
  • Chimie (The Dude)
  • Lechko
  • Yukisho
  • WatchGinGin
  • Firekingster
  • ThePlayingViking
  • xDrac
  • Zemano
  • Guts
  • AhnByungChan
  • Perciculum
  • ApostleOfAnarchy
  • STME

Just to highlight a few of the pillars, who made it possible to build LostArkDb and helped me a LOT. Also thank you to all the patrons, paypal donors and other helpful people in the community.

I will do as much as I can to revive this project and provide people with information. Thank you for being patient!

Hoping to see LostArkDB stay for more years to come.


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