[KR] December 4th - Update Notes (Massive Update)


  • Update contents
    • Faithful Guardian of Light, New Class ‘Holy Knight‘ Appears
    • Land of the Abandoned, Faten
    • Reverse Ruin: Season 1 Starts Now
    • New island, ‘Dukiki Co., Ltd.‘/Duki Corporation
  • Events
  • Improvements and Fixes
  • Bug fixes
[Update contents]

Faithful Guardian of Light, New Class ‘Holy Knight’ Appears

The new Warrior sub-class ‘Holy Knight’ has been added.

  • When you reach level 10 after selecting a Warrior class, you can move to Trision and select the ‘Holy Knight’ class.
  • Added the items of Holy Knight class in the same structure as the existing classes.
  • Added the Awakening Quest and Skill Book items of the Holy Knight class.
  • Added the Occupational Inscription of the Holy Knight class.
  • Added hollyite class item to class item of existing content.
  • Holy Knights have a ‘Trail of Light’ effect that stacks separately from the buff effect stacking rules.
    ※ The ‘Trail of Light’ effect does not overlap with the ‘Stige’ effect of Bard class.

Holy Knight is a support type class that uses the sword and the power of faith.
Use your Holy Divine skills and buffs to support your allies from behind, or use the sword punishment skills to lead the battlefield.

Identity: Divine Executioner, Divine Aura
Weapon used: One-handed Sword

Holy Knights can use their Faith Gauges available during battles to strengthen their swords or to increase their party’s combat abilities.

If you use the God’s Executioner identity skill, you can concentrate the power of faith on your sword to increase the attack range and damage with the sword. If you use the Aura of Divinity identity skill, you can spread an aura around you, and the combat abilities of party members(except you) will be increased.

The ultimate skill(awakening) is called “Alisanos’ Judgement“, it holds the power of Alisanos, an ancient crusader, transformed into a powerful skill by the Holy Knight.

Holy Knight is a great addition to Lost Ark and it will balance out encounters.

Holy Knight Preview video


Land of the Abandoned, Faten

  • Added Faten Continent’s World Quests.
    • You can proceed to World Quest on Faten Continent from item level 600 or higher .
  • Favorable NPCs Federico, Lutia, Violet, and Butterfly have been added to the Faten continent.
    • The NPC’s favorability will open during the quests on the Faten Continent, and you’ll need a certain number of propensity points to increase your favorability .
  • Added Faten Continental Adventures.
  • Added hidden treasure chests and mococo seeds across the Faten continent.
  • Faten Continental Field Boss ‘Enceladus’ has been added.
  • Added Epona requests and general quests to perform on the Faten continent.
  • New permanent stat potions, including skill point potions, are available on the Faten continent.
  • New Drift Merchants have been added to the Faten continent.
  • You can use the liner Barukas, which runs all over the continent from Faten’s Continental Port ‘Unnamed Canyon’.
  • New emotional expressions ‘Oath’ and the score ‘Soul Requiem’ have been added.
  • The waters have extended to the vicinity of the Faten continent.
  • Discover new treasure lift points created only in the Faten continental waters.
    • The new Treasure Lifting Point, ‘Great Treasure Lifting Point’, has a special effect when several ships work together .
      ※ Shipwrecked ships are not included in the number of ships.
      ※ However, in order to take advantage of the huge treasure lifting points, a sailor with the ‘Cooperative Lifting Synergy’ skill must be aboard.
  • Added three crew members with the ‘Cooperative Lifting Synergy’ skill.
    • Jubelin and Tirnael can be purchased through Faten Harbor Black Tea and Libra Merchants.
    • Scholar Jubelin can be recruited through Brando, an Atropos crew member.

The story is focused on Darren(people) living in Faten and the stolen Chaos piece, Assassinations, Drama, etc..

The town of Calaza is the safest place in Faten, where most of the Darren live.
It is a place where they depend on each other to live, even in a rough and uncomfortable life.

The fire in the basement is eternal to burn the bodies of the dead.

Faten is the base of operations for Avesta, an assassination organization and the Shadow Monastery.

Many nightmares wander the land of Faten, are you ready to cleanse this place? Can Darren be saved from endless despair?

Reverse Ruin Season 1 Open

Reverse Ruin Season 1 has begun.

  • Reverse Ruin Season 1 runs  from December 4, 2019 to January 15, 2020 .
  • Changed the reverse ruin entry conditions as follows:
    • Original: Item Level 545
    • Changed: Item Level 250
      ※ Some changes have been made to the Guide Quest due to changes in the entry conditions for Reverse Ruins.
      ※ Item level purchase conditions have been added to some barter items in Gatekeeper Kurdi as the entry conditions for Reverse Ruin have changed.
  • Items acquired in the preseason have been updated as follows.
    • The welcome stones, astra, illusion rings, traces of stars and illusion fragments acquired during the preseason have all been reset .
    • When dismantling a bracelet obtained during the preseason, it was changed to only obtain ‘Breakdown Equipment Powder’.
  • Reset all preseason Reverse Ruin play records.
    • Reverse Ruin Clear Step by Step
    • Reverse Ruin First Reward Collection Record
    • Gatekeeper Kurdi’s Restricted Purchase Shop List
  • Adjusted the drop rate of items in Reverse Ruins as follows:
    • We’ve slightly increased the frequency of the ‘Welcome Ring’ item.
    • Reverse Ruin Raised the drop rate of Rare Astra on levels below 20.
    • Adjusted the ability to obtain Rare Class Astra evenly across the early stages.
  • Adjusted the reverse clearin’s initial clear reward and next level opening range as follows:
    • Changed the initial reward every five stages.
    • Changed the Solar Stone Shard (Small) Pouch (Small) Pouch that was given in Step 5.
    • Changed the Sunstone Shard (Middle) Pouch that was given in stage 20 to a combat skill reset ticket.
    • Changed the opening level from 1 to 2 depending on the rank achieved.
  • We’ve improved the convenience of Reverse Ruin as follows:
    • The icons and effects tooltips have been modified to clarify the “ Wear of Welcome ” debuffs that are given in different stages.
    • Changed the Transcendental Buff effect obtained from destroying Inner Horror to make it easier to recognize.
    • To make the progress more intuitive, the entry UI has been updated to show the rank achieved instead of the completion time.
      ※ Achievement time can be checked in detail information by difficulty level.
  • The internal components of Reverse Ruin have been diversified as follows.
    • Added 100 new monsters.
    • Added 24 new maps.
  • The Reverse Ruin’s Battle and Illusion Gauge acquisition method has been revised to be more speedy.
    • Significantly increased the speed and amount of Summon monsters when destroying Inner Terror.
    • Significantly increased the speed and amount of summons in the Bossroom monsters in the portals that appear when destroying Inner Horror.
    • Fixed the number of named names and lucky monsters to increase with the size of the map.
    • We’ve made some adjustments to the skill overnamed monsters.
    • Increased visibility and tracking speed for named monsters to levels similar to normal monsters.
    • Fixed normal monsters to approach target characters more quickly after attack.
    • Lucky Monster’s field of view has been greatly reduced so that he will not run away until he is close.
  • Reduced the difficulty of Reverse Ruin as follows.
    • In the first stage, only small maps are displayed.
    • We’ve reduced the “ Wear of Welcome ” debuff, which applies to level 65, to the previous level.
    • In the long aisle-shaped map, the monsters appear to be more compact.
    • Changed the option to always appear as an additional option in the Advanced / Rare Astra.
    • We have increased the Astra’s ‘Skill Damage’ and ‘Skill Cooldown’ options available in the early stages.
  • The following imprints apply to Season 1 Bracelets:

Guide to new gear slot equipment Bracelet and Reverse Ruin Seasons]

A new item ‘Bracelet’ can be crafted from materials obtained while playing Reverse Ruin.

  • Bracelets can be crafted through Yozmund’s NPC Gatekeeper Zodiac.
    ※ Bracelet can be used / crafted for current season and the next season. However, the bracelets crafted during preseason will be deleted when season 2 comes and need to be crafted again.
    ※ Bracelets are trinkets that apply just like existing gear, and do not reflect their effects on Reverse Ruins.
  • Materials needed to make the bracelet can be obtained in the following ways.
    • Ring of Illusions: Can be obtained by defeating Reverse Ruin monsters or by disassembling the finished bracelet.
    • Trace of Star:  Obtained by disassembling Astra or Illusion Ring, or by bartering the Gatekeeper Kurdi.
    • Illusion Shard: Obtained by defeating the Lucky Ruins of the Reverse Ruins or by bartering the Gatekeeper Kurdi.
    • Yoz’s Ill Order: Obtained by Bartering with Yozmund’s NPC Gatekeeper Kurdy.
      ※ Bracelets made in the previous season cannot be crafted even if they are disassembled.
      ※ Bracelet materials acquired in the current season can be used until the start of the next season, after which they will expire.

  • Three kinds of bracelet items will be operated in the pre-season.
    • Rare class: 1 random option
    • Hero Rating: 1 random option and 1 of 13 imprint effects
    • Legendary Rating: 1 ~ 2 random options and 1 of 23 imprint effects


Reverse Ruin Season 1 Schedule

  • Reverse Ruin Season 1 Scheduled Date: December 4, 2019 After regular inspection until January 15th
    ※ You cannot enter the Reverse Ruin during the off season season.
    ※ The welcome stones, Astra, Illusion Ring, Star Trail, and Illusion Fragments acquired during Season 1 will be destroyed at the beginning of Season 2.
    ※ Bracelets made during Season 1 cannot be crafted even if they are disassembled at the beginning of Season 2.
    ※ Bracelets made during Season 1 will expire at the beginning of  Season 2.


New island, ‘Dukiki Co., Ltd.’ / Duki Corporation

” Dukiki Co., Ltd. ”, a new island of Duki, who dies and lives in treasure, has been added to the game.

  • Added ‘Dukiki Island’s Heart’.
  • You can get ‘Dukiki Transformation Coin’ through the ‘Small Box’. Replace it with an item obtained from Shilling or ‘Duki Island’.
  • You can transform into Duki by using Duki Transformation Coin. Become Duki and challenge Duki’s single-digit Duke promotion.


To be added…. Please check back later today. (So many)

Improvements and Fixes


  • Some of the uncomfortable changes in the Blade and Bard skills applied on Wednesday, November 20, were restored and corrected as follows.
    • Restored the Blade Spin Cutter skill from Chain to Combo.
    • Blade ‘Spin Cutter’ skill has been restored to push enemies.
    • Restored the Blade Void Strike skill from Charge to Charge.
    • Restored the Blade ‘Dark Axel’ skill to defeat enemies in the High Axel Tripod.
    • As the prep motion has been added to the Blade Soul Absorber, the charge time has been slightly reduced.
    • Restored the sound of the bard ‘wind of music’ skill.

Tier 1-Tier 2 Item Level Growth]

The existing item level growth section has been improved as follows. 

  • Removed item levels from Tier 1 and Tier 2 jewelry.
    ※ Characters with a high proportion of existing jewelry items may have lower average item levels, but the highest achieved item level will be maintained.
  • Increased the drop amount of material items for Tier 1-4 general and apprentice raids.
  • Reduced the cost of crafting and polishing Tier 1 to Tier 2 equipment items by 50%.
  • We’ve increased the amount of Accraium you can earn through daily and weekly epoena quests three to four times.
  • Added ‘Accrasium Box’ from ‘Welcomestone’ Exchange NPC ‘Koji Keeper Kurdi’ in ‘Yozmund’.
    • Accrarium I Box: 25 weekly purchase limit
    • Accrarium II Box: 50 weekly limit
  • Tier 2 Legendary Equipment Increased the number of purchases per week by 5 times.
  • Doubled the amount of ‘Slayer’s Mark’ drop in Weekly Raid I.
    • Increasing the number of Slave token drops has increased the cost of Exchange Tickets: Weekly Raid II.


Jumping Growth]

Once you’ve completed your jump growth, you’ll start your adventure in the Port of Jergal on the Peyton continent.

  • Equipment item level paid after jumping has been changed to 600.
  • Main and general quests to Yon Continental will be completed.
    • After completing the jumping growth, you can proceed to the Refining Guide quest.
  • Square hole and liner up to Yon continent are active.
  • Raid Conquer is active up to level 6.
  • Changed the way to instantly acquire points such as skill, disposition, and island spirit.
  • Beginners and required guide quests are provided to help you better understand your content after jumping.
  • After jumping growth is complete, use the Guide of the Guide in your inventory to progress through the basic guide quests.
    • You can also go through the refining guide quests in the town of Calaza in Peyton.

※ We are currently offering the Event Trishion Pass as a commemoration of the official service .   [Event page shortcut link]

After the class changes, the character that is growing will also be able to start jumping growth . 

  • You can start jumping growth with a character with a level below 600.
    ※ Some rewards acquired during the previous growth process will be excluded from the Jump Growth Completion reward.
    ※ When using the Event Trishion Pass, the dungeon level of recording will be applied according to the level of the selected character.


Tricion Passes will now allow you to start jumping growth without having to reach level 50 in your account.

  • The Event Trishion Pass can be used as long as you have a level 50 achievement in your account.


[PVP / Battlefield of Proof]

PVP Reward

  • We  have increased the amount of Coins of Courage that is paid weekly to PVP classes above ‘Ultra Extreme’ .

Season 1 Ending Schedule

  • The end of PVP Season 1 has been confirmed as January 15, 2020 at 6 am .

Battle / watch

  • Added a visual effect to help you identify which team’s skill is used when spectating the battlefield of proof.

    • Skills that help you appear blue marks in the center of the effect.
    • Skills that damage you are marked with a red mark in the center of the effect.
  • Added a visual effect that allows you to tell if a skill that lasts while playing the battlefield of proof will help or damage you.

    • Skills used by Red teams have a red mark in the center of the effect.
    • Skills used by BLU will have a blue mark in the center of the effect.
  • We’ve made some improvements to the Battlefield User Game UI for the following:
    • Added a symbol to show the player who died when watching.
    • Added a symbol to indicate players who were disconnected when watching.
    • In multi-kill, team colors are distinguished and the name of the player who achieved them has been improved.
  • Added abnormal state immunity and gauge during PVP.
  • Adjusted immunity immunity time during PVP as follows.
    • Existing: 5 seconds
    • Change: 10 seconds
  • Camera angle changes and zoom-in-out cameras before annihilation were added.

Other fixes

  • Improved the ability to equip or change awakening skills in the Battlefield Waiting Area of ​​Proof.
  • In the PVP information window, the odds display of the match is marked as ’rounded up’.
  • Fixed the issue where ‘Sentence of Victory’ text is displayed on the status panel that is displayed when the ‘Tab’ key is pressed during the competition.
  • Fixed incorrect locations when introducing players on the Raven Battlefield.


  • A new item for the re-skills ‘Avesta’s Biology’ has been added.
    • Some reimbursement fees may be refunded when using Avesta’s Blitz for the target item and level.
    • Refunds for refinancing due to the use of Avesta’s martial arts will be paid even if the refining fails.
      ※ Only one refining special material can be used per refining .
  • Minor improvements have been made to some of the awkward expressions in the tooltips of Refining Special Materials


  • Added 28 Expedition Achievements.
  • Added 6 titles to Achievement of Expedition.
  • Expedition EXP has been added so that it can be obtained as a quest reward.
    • Quests for expedition experience can be displayed in the Expedition experience.


Epona Request / Quest]

  • Weekly Epona quest ‘Engraving Equipment’ quest performance has been changed based on the item tier.
  • Fixed the quest conditions and appearance conditions for the 4 types of requisitions during the weekly epona quest.
  • We’ve lowered the number of targets for some Weekly Eponas and Referrals.
  • Removed quest Astra rewards with [Guide] Reverse Ruin.
  • Quest ‘Legends Sing’ has been changed to get the full moon ore faster.


[UI / Graphic / Sound]

  • Improved the amount of resources consumed by the tooltip when there are resources consumed when using a vehicle skill.
  • The character selection screen has been changed to show the achievement level of the character.
  • We’ve modified the sound of your belongings for 15 items, including Elemental Stone of Aspirations, to suit the appearance of the icon.
  • Improved the phenomenon that some item tool tips are abbreviated when registering, canceling and purchasing multiple items on the exchange.
  • Improved the movement from Tricion to the bridge more naturally.


Improved combat stats correction system]

Improved the combat stats that were applied when the character has higher or lower combat abilities than the target monster.

  • Changed combat stats applied to monsters below to ‘Attack Power’ based correction.
    ※ Previously, the damage was reduced even if the equipment is grown due to the correction value that is corrected based on the ‘item level’ of the character and changed according to the growth method for each equipment part .

    • Proxima
    • Tarsila
    • Gorcagros
    • Erasmo
    • Sol Grande
    • Briareos
    • Advent Pumpkin God
    • Aurion
    • Iar Kaya
    • Receiving aphoras
    • Dark Beast King
    • Adrin
    • Chuo
    • Confusion
    • Tranquil Rest Island Some Monsters
    • Ghost ship monster
    • Monsters from Mystic and Mystic Raid
    • Monsters appearing in Kaischer and Kaister Raid
      ※ Due to the change in the correction base, the amount of damage previously exchanged with target monsters may increase or decrease.

Dungeon / raid / battle;

  • The chaos dungeon ‘Snake Scream’ has been expanded to move more smoothly when entering the boss room.
  • Reduced the frequency with which the Level 6 Raid ‘Skilled Legionos’ freezes Legioros in succession.
  • Lowered the damage and health of monsters in Tier 3 Chaos Dungeons and Event Chaos Dungeons below.
    • Temple of the Sinner
    • Nether of the Corruptor
    • Binding sanctuary
    • Forgotten Scars



  • When entering the item of Silma battlefield, if the item level is 0, the damage is kept at 0 even if the item is worn after entering.
  • The tooltips that are output when applying the tripod have been improved, and some awkward expressions have been unified.
  • Fixed the skill material used in vehicles acquired in a specific zone to be removed from belongings when leaving the zone.
  • Changed the display of values ​​after the third digit of the item level decimal point in the character information window from the rounded number display to the truncated value display.
  • Added three types of ‘Available Region’ information to the item tooltips for vehicles acquired through quests in the Rogue Hill region.
  • Improved the ghost ship to disappear when a co-op quest in the 4-player ghost ship is completed.
  • After moving to a single island by using non-frost, the song of the escape and the log-out after connecting to the island entrance has been improved.
  • For life skills other than fishing in the Platinum Field, we have adjusted 100% of the returnable Platinum Collection from the Target Collection.
  • Removed ability ability NPC ‘Litir’ from Land of Yon Continent to no longer appear.
  • Minor changes have been made to the retail price of the following jewelry items.
    • Target items: Earrings of Eternal Flame, Ring of Eternal Flame, Earrings of Wild Flame, Ring of Wild Flame



Bug Fixes

[ Skill / Combat]

  • Fixed the issue where the range of Judgment was changed when the Fire Attack Tripod of the Technician ‘Wall Field’ skill was applied.
  • Fixed an issue where the attack range was slightly longer than the previous range when the Technician ‘Strength Field’ skill ‘driven attack’ tripod was applied.
  • Fixed the issue where the number of hits of the Technician ‘Demon Rights’ skill tooltip was incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where the ‘Secret Tong’ of the Engineer’s Occupation was not applied to the ‘Increase of Recovery Rate in the Geumgang Pioneer’ when ‘Seokcheon Retard’.
  • Fixed a bug where the Blade ‘Surprise Attack’ skill ‘Sword Wind Remnant’ tripod had different tool tips and effects.
  • Fixed a bug where Blade Awakening ‘Flash Blink’ would not cause additional hits after hitting multiple characters on the target.
  • Fixed the issue where the Hunter class was used in an unusual location when using the Spiral Stalker skill in the Prologue region.
  • Fixed a bug where some pets’ debuff skill icons would now be exposed to unrelated targets.
  • Demonic ‘Decimate’ skill ‘Cold hands’ Tripod no longer causes additional damage when used on targets in certain locations.
  • Fixed a bug where some characters would not receive the ‘Telescope’ effect when there were multiple characters with Engraving Effect ‘Telescope’.
  • Summoner’s ‘Explained Will’ has been changed to explain the ‘slow state’ skill as follows.
    • Existing: Slowed down.
    • Change: Decreases attack speed by 20% and slows movement by 40%.
  • Summoner’s Water Spirit skill has been changed to explain the slowdown:
    • Existing: Slowed down.
    • Modification: Decreases Attack Speed ​​by 25% and Speed ​​by 25%.

[ Items]

  • Fixed an issue that caused items to not merge when moving from one to the other.
  • Fixed an issue where you could open the warehouse in the inventory window and pet locker and then mouse over the belongings window when closing it with the ESC key.
  • Fixed an issue where abnormal ability stones were given when using the Unidentified Stone of Eternity and Unidentified Dawn Stone.
  • Fixed tooltip text errors for ‘Unidentified Dawn Stone’ and ‘Unidentified Twilight Stone’.


[ Raid]

  • Fixed an issue where players could not watch intermittently when multiple characters were killed during the Abyss Raid.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the character’s skills hit the lower part of the Abyss raid ‘Kaiser’.
  • Tier 7 Raid Guardian ‘Igrexion’ Fixed an issue where some of the ‘rush’ skills’ end positions were abnormal.
  • Fixed an issue where, while watching an Abyss Raid, intermittent spectators were temporarily intermittent.
  • Fixed a bug that caused intermittent map jams during rope movement in the raid map Scarred Earth.
  • Fixed the issue where the Pet function would remain indefinitely if the Pet function was used during the Raid Revolution.
  • Fixed a raid guardian returning to his character after moving around.


[Dungeons / quests]

  • Improved the display of the attack range of the Chaos Dungeon Boss ‘Unmanned Chaos of Chaos’ groundbreaker.
  • Fixed an issue where Antares ‘Nightmare was attacking’ Forgotten Heroes ‘Tombs’ and would appear to have stale health after intermittently losing ‘Karan’.
  • Fixed an issue where a party could not be maintained after clearing Antares’ nightmare by requesting a match with a party.
  • The Anitz Continental Dungeon Enemy Encounter was in progress, so the quest zones were not printed.
  • Fixed the issue where the Spider Queen Tarsila’s neutralization gauge would not be printed in Shurebe Continental Lonely Queen’s Refuge.
  • Shadow Moon Market “ Glittering Memory, Forever ” quest no longer displays quest zones to shop NPCs when purchasing items from the store.
  • Resolved the appearance of the characters in the Ancient Ruins after defeating Sigmund in Elberia.


[Non-frosted/Book of Wanderings]

  • Fixed the issue where a character is killed and resurrected after being moved to an island using Nonfrost, causing it to resurrect in place.
  • Fixed the issue where a message stating that it is not available during matching when using non-frost after escaping Chaos Dungeon has been fixed.


[ Graphics / UI / Sound]

  • Fixed the issue where the “ Lucky fortune ” and the “ Experience ” bar of the sailing HUD overlapped.
  • Fixed an issue where unacknowledged mails were being found but intermittent unmarked notifications were not displayed in the notification UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the achievement sound didn’t sound when finding a viewpoint during Adventure Book.
  • Fixed an issue where some unnatural afterimages remained when using the Blade Moonlight Sonic skill after setting the Graphics option to Medium or lower in the Preferences.
  • Fixed a bug where Lohendel Continental Roarun’s NPC Talos intermittently stepped into place.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘N’ display in the guild window was repeatedly displayed when moving regions and channels.



  • Fixed typos in korean localization.



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