[KR] February 26th Update Notes - Gates of Paradise & Arcadia Raid

A new update has landed on Korean servers today, bringing new systems, ornaments and three new dungeons with their additional guardian raid ‘Arcadia’.

Update contents

Gates of Paradise

A three part new dungeon, ‘The Gate of Paradise’, have been added.

  • As a character who completes all of the Yon Continental Main Quests, you can start the Guide Quest ‘ Find the Doors of Paradise  or ‘ To the Doors of Paradise ‘ .  
    • After completing the  ‘ Get ready for deep sea exploration ‘   quest, you can enter the dungeon of Paradise through the structures in each metropolis.
  • The Gate of Paradise consists of three dungeons that require eight players to play.
    • Sea of ​​Neglect: Available after completing the Preparation for Deep Sea quest
    • Tranquil Karcosa: Accessible after completing the Song of the Deep Seas quest
    • Sanctuary of Arcadia: Accessible afterr completing the Kingdom of Forgotten Abyss quest
  • You can enter the gate of paradise by selecting 3 difficulty levels for each dungeon.

    • Normal Difficulty: Entry level 850 or higher
    • Hard Difficulty: Entry level 1170 or higher
    • Hell Difficulty: Entry level 1235 or higher
  • The Gate of Paradise is once a weekly entry limit for each dungeon, and the number of entries is reset every Wednesday at 6pm .
    • Each difficulty in the same dungeon  will share the number of entries , and if you run out of entries, you will not be able to enter any other difficulty.
  • You can only configure raids up to 2 parties at the Gate of Paradise, and raid editing is only possible at the first raid editing workshop.
  • Entering the Paradise Dungeon will restrict you from using some of the below features until your final gateway is successful.
    • Song of Escape, / Escape, Song of Return, Raid
  • The Gate of Paradise Dungeons consist of gates, and you must defeat the bosses that guard them.
    • If all crew members die during the battle with the boss, the boss reset and squad resurrection will progress and you can try again .
    • You will receive a reward for clearing the final gateway, and you can earn additional rewards by using a certain amount of crystal .
    • The raid leader can proceed with the ‘Stop Dungeon’ vote, which will return the number of entries and leave the dungeon.
      ※ Characters who are not connected to the dungeon at the time of the dungeon interruption vote are not returned.
  • Clear Paradise Gate Dungeon on Hard difficulty to obtain the new Relic Guardian equipment.
    • The Rare Paradise Shard, available on Hard difficulty or higher, allows you to exchange the Defender’s Equipment Chest for the Great Castle and the Raid Loot Exchange NPC in Kalja Village.
    • Can be inherited as ‘Break of Blasting’ equipment for level 12 or higher as ‘Guardian of Paradise’ equipment.
  • At the Gate of Paradise, there is a low chance that you will get a new Relighting Aid ingredient ‘Light of Paradise’.
  • Added the Door of Paradise entry to the Party Finder.

Addition of New Ornaments and Crafting recipes

Five new jewelry type items have been added.

  • Five new trinket items can be obtained through Elberhastic’s Normal Difficult Soul Harvest and ‘Trinket Making Jackpot’.
  • The new trinket item consists of two sets of ‘Judge of Brilliant Paradise’ and ‘Judge of Brilliant Sanctuary’.

  • When disassembling certain trinkets, you can obtain a “ Essence of Unbelief ” for each type of disassembled trinket.
    • Fair Judgment Trinket, Relentless Judgment Trinket: Obtain Essence of Unbelief
    • Brilliant Paradise Judge’s Trinket, Brilliant Sanctuary Trinket Accessory: Obtained Condensed Essence Essence
      ※ If you disassemble a jewelry item other than the above, you can’t obtain trinket material.
      ※ Depending on the level of your trinkets, the level of “ Essence of Unbelief ” will also be increased.
  • Using the result of disassembling jewelry as a material, you can proceed to ‘Making Jewelry’ through NPCs located in ‘Great Castle’ and ‘Kalaja Village’.
    • You can choose the item of the jewelry you want to make by using the “ Essence of Unbelief ” and sealing that suits the type.
    • When creating ‘Fair Judge’ and ‘Cold Judge’ jewelry, there is a low chance that the result can be replaced with ‘Bright’ jewelry.
      ※ Level 0 Judges and Relentless Judges are also used to create “ Judge’s Shards. ”
  • In order to make the jewelry more smooth, we have adjusted the result of disassembling five kinds of ‘fair judge’ and ‘cold judge’ jewelry as follows.
    • Fixed not to give the Fragment of Cravings.
    • Fixed the amount of Fragments paid by the judges to be fixed to 7 fixed payments.
      ※ We have added ‘Fragment of Craving’ as a reward for the Level 8 Raid ‘Elberhastic’ difficulty.

  • NPCs located in ‘Great Castle’ and ‘Kalaja Village’ allow you to proceed with ‘Making Top Jewelry’.
  • You can craft trinkets of the next level by using ‘Essence of Unbelief’ and ancestor crafting materials for each stage type.
    • Mixing different levels of trinkets will share the same set of trinkets .
      ※ Depending on the character’s achievement item level, the level of jewelry that can be crafted is limited.

Top Jewelry Making Materials Guide] 

Unstable Softener

  • This item is used as a material when crafting higher trinkets.
  • Obtained through the Raid Loot Exchange NPCs of Great Castle and Calaza Village.


Faint Paradise Energy

  • This item is used as a material when crafting higher trinkets.
  • Can be acquired on Hard difficulty of ‘Gate of Paradise’ or on Tier 8 Raid Guardian ‘Elberhastick’ Normal difficulty.

NEW: Enchantment system

Added ‘Enchant’ function to improve the performance of the equipment.

  • Once the door to paradise is open, enchantment can proceed through the Enchantment NPC located in the metropolis.
    • After completing the quest “ Preparation for Deep Sea ” in the Gate of Paradise, you can proceed through the guide quest through the Enchanting NPC.
    • Enchantment allows you to increase the damage of a specific skill.


  • Magic enchantment requires ‘magic scroll’.
    • Enchantment scrolls can be obtained as rewards from a variety of content or exchanged using mysterious parchment.
    • The magic scroll granted can be extracted freely.
    • Granting and extracting magic scrolls does not require any additional cost or material.
      ※ Enchantment can proceed from Tier 3 Legendary or higher.


  • You can use ‘Magic Scroll’ to use the following materials for the Magic Scroll you have obtained.
    • Magic scroll with the same effect
      ※ However, amplified scroll cannot be used as a material.
    • Bound Magic Essence
  • Upon successful amplification, steps may be advanced up to two levels at a time, depending on the result.
  • If amplification fails, the scrolling step remains intact.

Enchanting Material Guide]

Magic scroll

  • Obtained through the Gate of Paradise and NPC Exchange.
    • You can exchange ‘mysterious parchment’ with various magic scroll items through the enchanting NPC of each big city.
    • Yozmund Welcomestone Exchange You can exchange ‘Seal Magic Scroll’ with Welcome Stone through the NPC.
    • The Great Castle and the Raid Loot Exchange NPC in the Village of Kalazar can now be used to exchange the Seal Magic Scroll for Faint Paradise.
      ※ You can get a random magic scroll by using Seal Magic Scroll.
  • Dissolve Magic Scroll and gain ‘Mysterious Parchment’.


Mystical Parchment

  • Obtained by Disassembling the Gate of Paradise and Magic Scroll.
  • Through Enchanting NPCs, you can exchange ‘Mystical Parchment’ for a select magic scroll item.
    ※ If you use the ‘Selective Magic Scroll’, you can select one of the magic scrolls according to the type.


Bound Magic Essence

  • A material used to amplify magic scrolls.
  • Can be purchased from Enchanting NPC as Shilling.
  • Can also be exchanged from the following Merchant NPCs.
    • Mistrium
    • Essence of Wrath
    • Welcome
    • Sylvael Bloodstone


Improvements and Fixes

Skill / Identity / Requisition Effect ]


  • Changed the effect of the ‘Death Target’ debuff as follows:
    • Original: Lasts 6 seconds, increasing damage taken by Hawkeye by 10/20/30% depending on the number of stacks. If you stack additional death targets in 3 stacks, the duration is reset.
    • Modification: Lasts 8 seconds, increasing damage to Hawkeye by 10/20/30% depending on the number of stacks. If you stack additional death targets in 3 stacks, the duration is reset.

Developer Comments In the last balance improvements, we’ve reduced the nest hold time from 8 seconds to 6 seconds instead of making it easier to maintain Hawkeye’s ‘target of death’ stacking state.
However, after checking the indicators, it was found that the average damage was somewhat lower than expected, and only the ‘dead target’ retention time was restored from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.


  • Changed the effect of the ‘Supernova Explosion’ skill as follows.
    • Previous: Supernova Explosion Unrotated Strike Tripod deals 150% increased damage from last hit, but reduces attack speed by 30% and increases Shock cost by 50.
    • Modification: Supernova Explosion ‘Unrotated Strike’ Tripod deals 150% more damage from last hit, but also increases its damage cost by 50.
  • The retribution effect of ‘Death Sentence’ skill has been changed as follows.
    • Previously: Death Sentence ‘Shock Blast’ Tripod increases damage to named monsters by 50% and increases their neutralization rating to [Best].
    • Modification: Death Sentence ‘Shock Blast’ Tripod increases damage to monsters with named damage by 80% and increases their neutralization rating to [Best].
  • PVE damage increased by 8.1% for all skills except PvP.

Developer Comments After checking the balance indicators, I’ve seen the average damage of the Infinite.
The base skill damage has been further adjusted and the attack speed penalty condition has been removed from the Supernova explosion skill options.



  • Increased damage of PVE of Ancient Spear by 9.7%.

Developer Comments For Summoner, the higher the level, the lower the average damage of the ‘Ancient Spear’ skill.
We have increased the damage of the Ancient Spear skill so that it can be used at high levels.



  • Increased damage of  Soul Absorber skill by 7.6% on PVE.
  • Increased damage of Moonlight Sonic on PVE by 7.6%.
  • Increased damage of Plitz’s Blitz Rush skill by 7.6%.
  • The damage of Poid Strike skill has been increased by 7.6%.

Developer Comments Blade is a class with high damage expectations when certain conditions are met.
However, after balance improvements, some content has been found to meet certain conditions and fall short of their intended damage.
We’ve increased the damage of some of the skills on the blade.


[ Party Finder ]

  • When you play content through Party Finder and return to the waiting room, you will be given a waiting time for existing members to join.
    • During the waiting period, the waiting room becomes private and you will not be able to apply, invite, export, or delegate.
      ※ You can leave the waiting room.
    • At the end of the waiting time, the host may re-register the waiting room as open and receive another character’s entry.
      ※ Members who do not join the waiting room until the time of re-registration will be separated into a separate waiting room and returned.
  • Improved the ability to highlight your character name in the Find Party lobby.
  • When restoring the waiting room, the remaining members can return to the target waiting room even if the owner leaves the room or delegates it.


Affinity / Achievement / Title ]

  • Extended Affinity to a maximum of 200 levels.
    • The amount of EXP gain bonuses for each Fellowship level unit has been adjusted according to the maximum level expansion.
  • Added 20 new achievements.
  • Added rewards for extended Affinity levels 160, 170, 180, 190, and 200.
    • Level 160: Greater Stats Potion
    • Level 170: 10 Resurrection Feathers X 5
    • Level 180: Greater Health Increase Potion
    • Level 190: 50 Crystal Box X 6
    • Level 200: Greater Stats Potion
  • Added two titles as achievement rewards.
  • Changed the title ‘Music Evangelist’ to Combination (Back).
    • If you are wearing the ‘Music Evangelist’ title, it will automatically unmount when connected.
  • We’ve revised the conditions for achievement of ‘If you’re a little late …’:
    • Existing: Widening Field Boss
    • Changed: Kill Monsters in Berserk


Silian’s Order]

  • ‘Silian’s Order’ goods have been changed to expeditionary units.
    • The number of Silian orders already held was reset to the maximum of 10.
    • Silian’s order payments will be made once per expedition and will remain the same.
  • Silian’s order entry cost has been changed as follows.
    • Cube: 3 Silian’s Instructions
    • Bossrush: 2 Silian’s Instructions
    • Platinum Field: 2 Silian Instructions
    • Tower: no entry fee
  • Sillian’s ‘cube’ content reward and compensation payment method has been adjusted as follows.
    • Changed to obtain the reward box obtained so far if the stage fails.
    • The amount of gold gained has been increased by approximately 2 times with each cube rank reward box.
    • Sealing gain for each Cube rank has been increased by approximately 2.5 times.
    • The rewards for Ancient Manastones and Inscriptions have been doubled when using each Cube Rank.
    • Changed the Bind on each cube rank reward box to Expedition Attribution.
      ※ Changes do not apply to the boxes you had before the update.
  • Adjusted Sillian’s command ‘Boss’ content reward as follows.
    • Antares coins gained approximately 2x.
  • Adjusted Sillian’s ‘Platinum Field’ content rewards as follows:
    • The amount of Platinum Coins you can earn from Settlement Collection is approximately doubled.
    • Platinum Field Gathering gains approximately 2x the amount of living material available.
      ※ The drop chance has been adjusted to double the total amount obtained by obtaining 2 times the amount of living materials. (2020-02-26 add content)
  • Adjusted Sillian’s ‘Tower’ content reward as follows:
    • After clearing the first floor, the expedition no longer gains experience.
    • The Tower of Fate 9th, 36th, 42nd, and Tower of Shadow 1st, 14th, and 24th clear rewards have been changed to a one-time reward from the Expedition.
      ※ If you get 1 Expedition Reward, the next character will be replaced with ‘Ancient Platinum’.



  • The following guild quests have been revised as follows in response to changes in the Silence Order expedition talks and entry costs.
    • Warped Dimension, Secret Difficulty Level 1: Earn 6 or more Bronze Chests → 2 times
    • Warped Dimension, Cube’s Secret Difficulty Level 2: Obtain 6 or more Silver Chests → 2 times
    • Warped Dimension, Secret Difficulty Level 3: Obtain 5 or more Gold Chests → 2
    • Warped Dimension, Secret Difficulty Level 4: Obtain 5 or more Platinum Chests → 2
    • Warped Dimension, Cube’s Secret Difficulty 5: Earn 4 or more Diamond Boxes → 2 times
    • Conquering the Corridor of Trials Difficulty Level 1: Pass 3 levels 6 times → 3 times
    • Conquering the Corridor of Trials Difficulty Level 2: Go through Step 5 6 times → 3 times
    • Conquering the Corridor of Trial Difficulty Level 3: Go through Step 8 5 times → 3 times
    • Conquering the Corridor of Trials Difficulty Level 4: Go through Step 12 5 times → 3 times
    • Conquering the Corridor of Trials Difficulty 5: Pass 4 Levels 15 times → 2 times
  • Guild weekly goals and guild quests have been revised as follows:
    • The tooltips and UI texts have been modified to separate guild weekly goals ‘steps’ and guild commissioning ‘difficulty’ texts.
    • In order to recognize the name of the quest “ In Warped Dimensions, Secrets of the Cube ” as the guild quest name, it has been collectively modified to “ OOO box or more ”.
    • Changed the name of Guild Weekly Goal ‘Corner to Victory’ to ‘Challenge for Cooperation’.


Battlefield of Silmael / Battlefield of Proof]

  • Players who do not have permission to use the guild skill have been updated to display the guidance text when entering a guild skill key on the battlefield.
  • Changed the direction of the battle of Silma and the start of the co-op.
  • Changed to no longer allow keystrokes during the production of Silma.
  • Battlefield of Attestation When each mode is over, if the participation is low and you can’t be rewarded, the result screen will be displayed.


Common Skills]

  • Tripod tooltips for some classes have been improved more clearly.
    The description text is clearly improved ※, the effect is the same as before.
  • Buff effects with a duration of less than 5 seconds have been modified to display icons.
  • Fixed the name and icon of the default buff effect applied when using the skill.
    ※ However, the buff effect will be retained under the original name and icon.
  • Changed to bounce the target when hitting some down below
    • Berserker ‘Crimes Hazard’
    • Berserker ‘Tempest Slash’
    • Destroyer ‘Dreadnought’ skill ‘Driving Hammer’ tripod
  • Buff effects that penetrate some of the monsters below have been changed to penetrate only while on the move.
    • Arcana ‘ghost card’
    • Summoner ‘Shurdi’ Skill ‘Ignores Conflict’ Tripod
    • Hawkeye ‘Golden Eye’
    • Bard ‘Wind of Music’ Skill ‘Wind of the Guardian’ Tripod Item
  • Slightly reduced the range of skills that penetrate normal monsters against some bosses and raid monsters.
  • The Summoner Identity skill ‘Akir’ and Arcana’s ‘Dark Revision’ skill have been improved to be used on character’s feet.


Raid / Quest]

  • Changed the weekly quest ‘Weekly In Flame’ reward from ‘Equip Token Box’ to ‘Equip Token Selection Box’.
  • We’ve increased the expedition experience you can earn in Challenge, Trial difficulty raids.
  • Changed the guide quest “Refinance and Refinance” to only accept item level 725 or lower.
  • Added the “Shard of Craving” as a reward for normal level 8 raids.
  • Changed some Silian ordered weekly eponas and referral targets.
  • Weekly Epona quest “Let’s break through the Labyrinth of Oblivion” quest no longer appears after item level 860.
  • “ Old Boots ”, a three-step reward for the Epona Request Reputation ‘Noisy, Ringing and Dizzy!’



  • Added ability stone craftsman Bellefina to Rohendel Continent ‘Silver Wave Lake’.
  • Added ability stone sculptor ‘Litir’ to Yon Continent ‘Land of Beginning’.
  • Duplicated names and appearances have been modified to have different names and appearances.
  • Removed Chef and Cooking Ingredients NPC from Cradle Fermata of the Sea.



  • The minimap UI has been improved as follows.
    • You can conveniently set it by clicking the ‘Zoom’ and ‘Transparency’ buttons on the top right of the minimap and adjusting the bar.
    • You can reset the minimap and extension map settings by clicking the Reset Map button at the bottom right of the minimap.
    • Fixed the minimap and extension map settings to be shared by all characters in the same account.
    • Minimap function UI has been improved to display related tooltips when hovering over it.
  • Changed UI color of Confinement and Sleep Debuff to light purple to avoid confusion with the raid health bar display.
  • Added a feature to display announcement text when item level requirements are not met when creating an item.
    ※ The location of the phrase ‘in possession’ to guide the possession of the production result has been changed to the top of the item slot.
  • Even if you adjust the opacity of the chat window in the preferences, the opacity of the chat message is retained.



  • If you have achieved the PC Room Premium Benefit Reward Time, you can now collect it at a non-Smilegate PC room.
  • Removed the PC room reward for the Epona Request [Event] Sweet Heart] and added the basic reward.
    • Existing: ‘Lupeon’s Money Box’ additional payment when done in PC room
    • Change: 10,000 Shilling as
      a basic reward ※ The existing basic reward remains the same and the additional reward is added to the basic reward.



  • The item level information of the characters registered in the Hall of Fame has been changed to be displayed as ‘achievement item level’ at the time of conquest.
    • The item level information of characters previously registered in the battlefield of honor is automatically changed to ‘achievement item level’ at the time of conquest.
      ※ The character display order may be changed by updating the Hall of Fame information.
  • Fixed weapons to be hidden when riding some vehicles below.
    • Heavy walker, six austen, three snow bikes
  • Added the ability to display the reception time of received chat messages.
    • You can set this option in the Community column of Preferences.
  • Changed the tooltip of the item ‘Re-Re-enacting II’.
    • Before change: Step 1 ~ 14
    • After change: Step 3 ~ 14
  • Fixed the skill window shortcut (K) not available in the previous experience.
  • Allied NPC attacks no longer show the dictionary attack range.
  • We have adjusted monsters that have a different attack damage range than monster size.
  • To summon the Spida Island Field Boss ‘Gorca Gross’, when you attack a giant egg, the more you destroy it, the easier it is to check its current status.
  • New: Improved the phenomenon where the white cloth of the skirt floats in the air while riding the ‘Vehicle: Pumpkin Carriage’ after wearing the New Year Avatar ‘Soft’.
  • New: Added a description in the simple tooltip of the option ‘Auto Decline Auto Invitation’ to tell you not to automatically return to the Find Party waiting room.
  • The Silian Order, which was a six-step reward for Card Battle Beatrice, Black Teeth, and Jabern, has been changed to Ancient Platinum.
  • Three pieces of Silian’s Instructions have been rewarded to play Sillian’s Instruction Content when the jump is completed.

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