[KR] Oct. 16th Update Notes

Guild / mercenary]

  • Guild skill registration convenience has been improved as follows.
    • Improved to register guild skills with a right mouse click.
    • Drag the registered skill icons to change the order.
    • Skill registration is no longer possible if the cost of one-time use exceeds the maximum mana stone currently researched.
  • The mercenary system has been improved as follows.
    • Mercenaries no longer have party and raid formations on the battlefield of Silmael.
      ※ It is possible to belong to raids and parties, and it is possible to become party leader and raid leader through delegation.
    • We have added a feature that highlights the Employment Status tab to make it easier to see when a guild has a mercenary application.
    • In the case of mercenaries, the guild chief can not be forcibly deported.
    • Added a function to register the title of recruitment post when registering mercenary posts.
    • In the case of hired mercenaries, the display has been improved to allow you to check the battlefields that the guilds have applied to in the Silma status board.
  • Fixed a bug where mercenaries would be able to enter the battlefield of Silma, but the phrase “ No battlefield ” would appear under the remaining time.
  • Fixed the issue where the Acquisition Notification Message was not displayed when acquiring ‘Silmael Bloodstone’ with ‘Guild Attendance’ and ‘Guilal Donation’.


Silmar Battlefield]

  • Fixed the issue where the image of the center floor is displayed in a broken state in the scene of the entrance of Silmae battlefield ‘Fortress.’
  • Fixed an issue that caused Raid UI not to display when joining Raid in the direction of Silma Battlefield ‘Guild Battle’.
  • Fixed an issue where the rank information of the relevant bases was displayed abnormally when checking the ranking of the battlefield of Silmael.
  • Fixed an issue where client shutdown would occur intermittently during the Silma battlefield guild battlefield.


[Reverse Ruin ]

  • Fixed a bug where Reverse Ruins had a high level of force and intelligence reduced by debuffs at level 14 and below.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the drop-in and acquisition sounds of Phantom Ether to be displayed abnormally in Reverse Ruin.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Directives would not be displayed intermittently during the first stage of the Reverse Ruin Guide quest ‘[Guide] Reverse Ruin’.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some monsters to disappear intermittently after ending the reverse-run process.
  • Added a message when attempting to mount in an area where Astra cannot be mounted.
  • Fixed the list to be updated in real time when Astra is acquired, disassembled, or destroyed while the Astra Spear is open.

Dungeon / Raid ]

  • Fixed a bug where Antares’ Nightmare ‘Flood’s Bloodfield’ boss monster ‘Keumgang’ was not hit by certain attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Antares Nightmare ‘The Bloodfield of the Blaze’ boss monster would not disappear intermittently upon death.
  • Fixed an issue where the Antares Nightmare ‘Staining Blood Marquee’ boss monster would be in an abnormal state when replaced by another boss monster.
  • Fixed an issue where the Aura would not disappear intermittently when the Sealed Stone was summoned during the Abyss Raid ‘Kaiser’.
  • Fixed a bug where Abyss Raid ‘Kaisterer’ would not be removed intermittently when the buff ‘Lutheran’s Courage’ should be removed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some effects such as Arcana’s Ruin damage not to be applied to Abyss Raid Kaisther.
  • Adjusted the scale-up and mini-map scales for reverse ruins that are excessively enlarged or reduced.
  • Fixed a bug where Battle Masters would have the Elemental Bubbles appear as if they had an Elemental Bubble and entered the Reverse Ruin.
  • When Demonic has an Identity Gauge and enters the Reverse Ruin, the Identity Gauge has been reset, but the active effect is abnormal.
  • Fixed the ‘Slow’ debuff on the Dimension cube not being removed
  • Fixed some unnatural skill motions for Raid Guardian Lumerus.


Battle ]

  • Fixed a bug where the Demonic ‘Daemon Grab’ skill could not pull an intermittently hit target in front of him.
  • Demonic ‘Spinning Dive’ The ‘Spinning Enhance’ and ‘Spinning Master’ Tripod Tool Tips have been renamed to ‘Leap Attack’.
  • Fixed an issue that caused earthquakes to not occur when hitting the end of the range of Demonic ‘leaf blow’ skills.
  • Demonic ‘Howling’ skill ‘damage amplification’ triport name has been changed to ‘Wrath of the rage’ and the following phenomenon has been corrected.
    • Fixed a bug where party debuffs with the same effect would be removed if duplicates were applied while the opponent was debuffed.
  • Destroyer Rework Effect The Gravity Force ‘Rushing Gravity’ debuff no longer applies when attacking with Chain skill.
  • Infinite Refining effect The ‘Amplify Damage’ buff in the Wing of the Priesthood Wave is now updated on every hit
  • Fixed Bart not being summoned based on mouse position when using Bard’s Harp.
  • Fixed a bug in which the shield gauge was continuously output when using the Warlord ‘defense posture’.


Items ]

  • Changed Procyon’s Blueprint Box to stack.
  • Improved the maximum success rate that can be raised with additional materials when refining, to make it easier to recognize.
  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip explaining the additional effects in the Resume Success window was over 3 lines and the scrollbar click area and the mouse scroll were not applied properly.
  • Fixed an issue where items applied to equipment presets were dismounted and notification messages that weren’t appropriate for certain situations were displayed.


Quest ]

  • We’ve made it easier to recognize the goals of the quest “ New Sea Masters ”.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of referral lists would be less than 6 when the ‘Rescan List’ was executed in the weekly epona quest section 560-600.


Graphics ]

  • Fixed an issue where some colors were broken when applying some color from the top 3rd glyph of ‘Normal Fixed’ while Martial Arts was being customized as a class.
  • Fixed an issue where Warlords could instantly distort their avatar when they wore out of combat mode after wearing an avatar on a swimsuit.
  • Fixed the issue where the skin color of the upper and lower bodies slightly differs when moving to a dark background and wearing a specific avatar.
  • Fixed an issue where the navel’s graphics were displayed abnormally when the blade was attacking after wearing the Avatar ‘Magic Life Suit A’ top.


Other ]

  • Fixed typos and awkward expressions in some texts and unified names.
  • When using the pet function in a certain situation, the message that does not fit the situation is displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where all sea vessels’ sea area resistance information was marked as’ vulnerable ‘in anchoring mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the recommended item levels for ‘Island of False Desire’ in World Map and Milestones were different.
  • When the raid leader designates a party leader in raid status, the raid leader and the party leader have a notification message.

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