[KR] October 30th - Update Notes

Updates and Fixes


[ LOST ARK 1 year anniversary ] 

  • NEW CONTENT announced, more information coming on November 6th. (Source lostark.co.kr)
    • Peyton/Fayton Continent
    • Warrior‘s 4th subclass: Holy Knight
  • New Risha’s Letter posted, highlighting the first people to achieve things in each category of the game(Raids, Mokoko seeds, etc..) –going to post it later

Guide to new gear slot equipment Bracelet and Reverse Ruin Seasons]

A new item ‘Bracelet’ can be crafted from materials obtained while playing Reverse Ruin.

  • Bracelets can be crafted through Yozmund’s NPC Gatekeeper Zodiac.
    ※ Bracelet can be used / crafted for current season and the next season. However, the bracelets crafted during preseason will be deleted when season 1 comes and need to be crafted again.
    ※ Bracelets are trinkets that apply just like existing gear, and do not reflect their effects on Reverse Ruins.
  • Materials needed to make the bracelet can be obtained in the following ways.
    • Ring of Illusions: Can be obtained by defeating Reverse Ruin monsters or by disassembling the finished bracelet.
    • Trace of Star:  Obtained by disassembling Astra or Illusion Ring, or by bartering the Gatekeeper Kurdi.
    • Illusion Shard: Obtained by defeating the Lucky Ruins of the Reverse Ruins or by bartering the Gatekeeper Kurdi.
    • Yoz’s Ill Order: Obtained by Bartering with Yozmund’s NPC Gatekeeper Kurdy.
      ※ Bracelets made in the previous season cannot be crafted even if they are disassembled.
      ※ Bracelet materials acquired in the current season can be used until the start of the next season, after which they will expire.

  • Three kinds of bracelet items will be operated in the pre-season.
    • Rare class: 1 random option
    • Hero Rating: 1 random option and 1 of 13 imprint effects
    • Legendary Rating: 1 ~ 2 random options and 1 of 23 imprint effects
  • The imprinting effect applied to the pre-season bracelet is as follows.


Reverse Ruin Preseason and Season 1 Schedule

  • Reverse Ruins Pre-Season Schedule: October 9, 2019-November 20, 2019
  • Reverse Ruin Season 1 Scheduled Date: December 4, 2019 After regular inspection
    ※ You cannot enter the Reverse Ruin during the off season season.
    ※ The welcome stones, Astra, Illusion Ring, Star Trail, and Illusion Fragments acquired during the Preseason will be destroyed at the beginning of Season 1 .
    ※ Welcoming Stone items received through the Reverse Ruin Update commemorative event and Halloween Week BONUS can be collected only before the start of Season 1.
    ※ Bracelets made during the Preseason cannot be crafted even if they are disassembled at the beginning of Season 1.
    ※ Bracelets made during the Preseason will expire at the beginning of  Season 2 .


[ Non- frosted System(Naval Waypoint Teleports) ]

  • The ship’s durability is no longer consumed when moving non-frosted to the same sailing area.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented an increase in the number of ‘Sea Jugger’ achievements when moving non-frosted into the same voyage.


Raid ]

  • Changed the phase to be updated more immediately when the phase clear condition is achieved in Abyss Raid.
  • The expedition experience gained in Abyss Raid has been adjusted as follows.
    • Increased expedition experience earned when clearing all phases of Abyss Raid.
    • Changed the expedition experience to be differentially paid based on the phase you cleared in Abyss Raid.
      ※ Expedition EXP will not be given if you leave without obtaining the reward in Abyss Raid.


Item / milestone]

  • Added Secret Dungeon and Reverse Ruin items to filter options for milestone recommendations.
  • Removed the ability to pop-up notifications when items are restricted.
    • Items with limited additional acquisitions can now be found in the Chest Components list.
  • The text that indicates the number of items has been improved to display more clearly.
  • Changed the name and rank color of the quest start item to be printed as an advanced rank color.
  • The ‘Supper Dinner on board’ item in the Pet Inventory window has been changed so that it can be used after the pet function expires
  • Added a tooltip to the expiration date of items obtained from Reverse Ruins.


[UI / Graphics / Text]

  • Reinforced the description of some life level skills. Life gathering targets created with the following skills are stated to disappear after a certain amount of time.
    • Florist
    • Rapid growth
    • Vein discovery
    • Treasure Hunter
  • The effects of using ‘Aura of Fighting’, ‘Aura of War’, ‘Bloodstone of Light’, and ‘Bloodstone of Blood’ items have been changed to remain for the rest of the time.
    • However, if you enter some PVP-capable areas, such as the Colosseum, the effect will not be output.
  • When you click the Sell Sailor button in the crew list, the page you are viewing is now retained.
  • Changed the ‘Sale Available’ status when clicking on the skin list of a ship while selling a sailor in the crew list.
  • Technician’s Tier 3 item reinforcing effect has been changed from ‘Awakening Skill Damage Increase’ to ‘Increase Damage of Tsunami Island Prison and Superfine Flash’.
  • Updated the descriptions of the items in the Shadowmoon Mayor’s World Tour of Illusia (top) and World Tour of Illusia (bottom) to match their achievements.


Lost Ark Cash Shop]

  • The preview angle and size of the Lost Arc Shop sailing category ‘[Ship skin] Nosferatu’ have been changed.
  • Changed the location of preview No. 2 in Lost Arc Shop Vehicle & Pet Category ‘Pumpkin Pet Pick Box’.



  • Added functionality to mitigate client crashes on AMD 5700 series graphics cards.
    • This feature is a temporary function provided until official support from the graphics card manufacturer, and the performance of the lost arc game may be slightly reduced .
      ※ If there is official support from the graphics card manufacturer, the temporary function will be removed.
  • We’ve made some changes to the quest phase settings associated with Reverse Ruins during the Weekly Epona Quest.
  • Changed the escape position of characters when using Escape Song in Vanity Labyrinth.

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