[KR] Oct. 9th Update Notes - New Abyss Raid, Reverse Ruin, 3 new dungeons



16-player Abyss Raid ‘Kaister’ appeared

16- in-one Abyss Raid ‘Kaister’ has been added.

  • That I introduce you to the existing name “Epic Raid ‘ a’ Terre car issues Raid” Add to Abyss raid was.
  • The number of weekly admission restrictions for  Kaister Raid is one, and it is used separately from Mystic Raid .
    • The number of entries will be reset at 06 o’clock every Wednesday.
      ※ If you leave the dungeon during the attack, the number of admissions will be deducted even without receiving a reward.
  • Kaisuiter Raid requires 16 guests.
  • ‘Kaister Raid’ can be entered by characters with item level 925 or higher.
  • ‘Kaister Raid’ is divided into 4 phases and the recommended level is increased as the phase progresses. (Added description for 2019-10-09)
    • During the raid, you can decide whether or not to stop the reprisal.
    • In the event of a decision to cease the domination or fail to attack, the vote will determine whether or not to obtain the reward. (Only if you succeed at least 1 phase)
    • If you decide not to earn your reward by voting, your entry will not be deducted.
  • You can get the new Artifact Equipment ‘Destroyer’ as a reward by killing ‘Kaister’
    • ‘Allow Fog’ equipment can be inherited as ‘Decay’ equipment, up to 15 levels depending on the level of refining of the material.
    • The base item level of the Decayer equipment is 915 and can be regrown up to 20 levels.
    • The refining and succession of the Decayer equipment uses the Essence of Wrath, a special material, and requires Umanium Crystals and Galanium Crystals.
      ※ You can exchange existing ‘Umanium’ and ‘Galatonium’ with ‘Umanium Crystal’ and ‘Galatonium Crystal’ through NPC ‘Gabis’ located in each big city.


Welcome to Endless Battles: ‘Reverse Ruin’

Added ‘Reverse Ruin’, a welcome space for endless battles.

  • You can obtain the new sheet music ‘Welcome to the Y’smund’ through the ‘[Guide] Call of Yozmund’ quest that appears when the John Main quest ‘Legend Sings’ quest is completed.
  • You can enter Reverse Ruin through the entrance located in Yozmund.
  • Reverse Ruins do not apply effects from external factors such as runes, imprints, buffs, re-refines, item levels, and general potions and battle items.
  • The Reverse Ruin is seasonal, and when the new season begins, the progress of the last season, reward information, and collected Astra and welcome stones are all reset .
    • The preseason will be held after the October 9 update until separate notice.

  • ‘Reverse Ruin’ consists of a total of 100 stages, and you can move on to the next stage by successing each stage.
    • If you enter ‘Reverse Ruin’, you will need to achieve 100% of the welcome gauge within the time limit to be successful.
    • If you succeed, you will be given a rank based on how long you are progressing.
    • If you succeed, you can get the first reward of the stage. Depending on the level of completion, the next stage or additional stage will be opened.

  • Reverse Ruins can be equipped with an Astra, which can be acquired in progress, to give you more power, allowing you to grow to the next level.
  • Astra can be equipped in 4 slots: Will, Belief, Focus, and Desire, and can be replaced if you have a better Astra like equipment items.
    • In the Astra UI, you can check the effects of the Astra on 4 slots.
    • Unused Astra can be disassembled to obtain ‘Welcome Stone’, but it will not be restored when it is disassembled, so choose carefully.
      ※ Astra is only applied to ‘Reverse Ruin’ and can be installed / replaced only in ‘Yosemund’ and ‘Reverse Ruin’.

  • You can obtain ‘Welcome Stone’ as a loot in ‘Reverse Ruin’ and exchange it for various rewards.
    • You can open the sealed welcome weight that can be found during the Reverse Ruin as welcome.
    • You can exchange ‘Welcome Stone’ with various items through NPC Gatekeeper Kurdi in Yozmund.
    • By bartering with Gatekeeper Kurdi, you will also receive a special ingredient called “Re-stone of Yoz” that can increase your chances of success .

  • In future updates, we will be adding the materials acquired from the Reverse Ruins during the Preseason to create equipment that can be equipped into new slots.
    • Also, during the ‘Reverse Ruin’ pre-season, we plan to collect various opinions and data of adventurers to open the official season with a better appearance.


3 New Dungeons

New Tier 3 Chaos Dungeon ‘Forgotten Scars’ has been added.

  • Forgotten Scars can be entered by any character with item level 860 or higher.
  • In Forgotten Scars , you’ll earn higher levels of Breakthroughs and Tickets: Vanity Labyrinth .


New Labyrinth Dungeon ‘Vanity Labyrinth’ has been added.

  • You can enter ‘Vanity Labyrinth’ by talking to ‘Secretary Hiomir’ of the Great Continent of Yon Continent and completing the quest ‘Endless Vanity Chunk’.
  • Vanity Labyrinth is located in the Continental Land of Promise.
  • Vanity Labyrinth is open to characters with item level 860 or higher.
  • Admission Ticket: Vanity Labyrinth is required to enter Vanity Labyrinth.
    • Iron Hammer Workshop NPC Collector Gwangur can exchange 10 Tickets: Labyrinth of Oblivion for 10 Tickets: Vanity Labyrinth.
  • In Vanity Labyrinth , you can obtain  Tickets: Bloody  Martial Arts and Reforged Materials.


New Antares Nightmare Dungeon ‘Armor of Bloods’ has been added.

  • The statue of Antares Nightmare is located in each metropolis, allowing you to enter the Marvel of Uprising.
  • There are 8 players who need to enter ‘Football of Blaze’, and characters with item level 900 or above can enter.
  • You need ‘Ticket: Blaze of Blaze’ to enter Blaze of Blaze.
  • You can get the  tokens and materials you need to reclassify Tier 3 Relic Equipment ‘Destroyer’ equipment in ‘Combat Blood’ .


Tier 3 Legendary Weapons Returning

Some of the skill tripod-specific buffs applied to Tier 3 Legendary Weapons have been changed as follows:


Berserker ]

Sword Storm

  • Existing: When using ‘Earthquake Wave’, the neutralization level increases to [Best].
    • New: Earthquake Wave Tripods deal 50% more damage to named or higher monsters, and their rating is increased to [Best].


Destroyer ]

Sizemic Hammer

  • Existing: When using ‘Hunger Power’ damage increased by 40%, attack speed is reduced by 30%.
    • New: Increases damage dealt by 40% when using ‘Hunger Power’ Tripod, and increases attack speed by 75% if the target is a raid monster.
  • Previously: Attack speed is increased by 40% when using ‘Enhanced Weakness.’
    • New: Increased attack speed and damage to enemies by 40% when using ‘Strengthened Weakness’ Tripod.


Perfect swing

  • Previously: ‘Uncontrolled’ damage increases by 40%, attack speed and charge rate decrease by 20%.
    • New: Increases damage dealt by 40% when using ‘Uncontrolled’ Tripod, and increases damage by up to 75% if the target is a raid monster, but reduces attack speed and charge rate by 20%.


Full swing

  • Previously: When using ‘Beast’s Eye’, damage is increased by 30% and the charge time reduction effect is removed.
    • New: Increases damage dealt by 60% and reduces the charge time.


Warlord ]

Burst Cannon

  • Existing damage reduced by 80% when using ‘Rolling Bomb’, but reduces cooldown by 5 seconds and leaves powerful burn damage lasting 5 seconds to all targets hit.
    • New: Reduces the cooldown of 5 seconds when using the Rotating Shot Tripod, and causes powerful burn damage that lasts 5 seconds to all targets hit.
  • Previously: ‘Saturated Saturation’ increases damage by 60% and increases cooldown by 6 seconds.
    • New: Increases damage dealt by 100% and increases cooldown by 6 seconds when using ‘Saturated Saturation’ Tripod.


Charge Stinger

  • Previously: When using ‘Last Charge’, critical strikes occur, cooldown is increased by 6 seconds, and mana cost is increased by 25%.
    • New: Fixed critical hit when using Last Charge Tripod.


Arcana ]

Dancing of Spineflower

  • Existing: When using ‘Visible Intensity’, Attack Speed ​​is increased by 30%, and it grants the target enemy more than 4 poisoning over 5 seconds for 5 seconds.
    • New: When using ‘Visible Intensity’ Tripod, attack speed is increased by 30%, damage to monsters with seed or higher is increased by 50%, and the hit enemy is granted a poisoned state that stacks up to 3 times for 5 seconds.


Secret Garden

  • Previously: Using ‘Secret Chance’ increases Ruin damage to enemies by 50% and mana cost by 100%.
    • New: Increases Ruin damage against enemies by 75% when using ‘Secret Chance’ Tripod.


Summoner ]

Ancient window

  • Existing: ‘Ancient Power’ leaves ancient stigma on hit targets. Ancient stigmatism explodes at 3 stacks, dealing great damage to the target.
    • New: Increases damage dealt to enemies by 30% when using ‘Ancient Power’ Tripod, leaving ancient stigma on hit targets. Ancient stigmatism explodes at 2 stacks, dealing 150% additional damage to the target.


Bard ]

Sound holic

  • Previously: When using ‘Saturated Saturation’, every attack hit restores 1% of your maximum mana and marks your opponent. The marker stuns the target for 3 seconds at 4 stacks.
    • New: When using ‘Saturated Saturation’ Tripods, damage to named monsters is increased by 80% and marks each opponent on every hit. The marker stuns the target for 3 seconds at 4 stacks.


Sonic vibration

  • Previously: When using ‘wide attack’ skill casting distance is increased by 20%, while the skill cast damage is reduced by 75%.
    • New: Increases skill cast distance by 20%, increases the attack speed of self and party members by 20%, and increases mana regeneration by 200% when using the Wide Attack Tripod.


Battle Master]

Oh: Heavenly Dragon

  • Previously: When using ‘Eye of the Storm’, when the target hits an enemy-gathering attack, the target’s damage to Heeryong Heaven increases by 10%, up to 90%.
    • New: When the target hits an enemy-gathering attack when using the Dragon’s Eye ‘Trop of the Storm’ Tripod, the target’s damage to the Dragon’s Heaven increases by 10%, up to 90%. Attack power increased by 40%.


Infighter ]

Cyclical priesthood

  • Existing: When using ‘Blast Explosion’, the last hit floats the enemy and explodes after 3 seconds on the ground, leaving a shock zone that causes great damage.
    • New: The ‘Blast Exploding’ Tripod leaves the last hit in place and explodes 1.5 seconds later on the ground, leaving a shock zone that deals great damage.


Death sentence

  • Existing: When using ‘Shock Explosion’ neutralization level is increased to [Best].
    • New: When using ‘Shock Blast’ Tripods, damage to named monsters is increased by 50%, and their neutralization rating is increased to [Best].
  • Existing: Heals an additional 80 when using ‘Brain Breath’.
    • New: Heals an additional 60 when using ‘Brain Breath’ Tripod, and reduces cooldown by 6 seconds.


Soul Master ]

Warm fire

  • Existing: When using ‘Residual Attack’, Attack Speed ​​is increased by 30% and gains Toughness Effect.
    • New: Afterburn Tripod increases attack speed by 30% and damage to enemies by 80%.


Yeorae height

  • Existing: ‘Colorful Attack’ causes additional damage when hitting all four palms.
    • New: ‘Colorful Attack’ Tripod deals 50% more damage to Seed or above monsters and deals additional damage if hits all four palms.


Lance Master]

Onyx Heatwave

  • Existing: When using ‘Awakening’, Critical damage is increased by 100%.
    • New: The ‘Awakening’ Tripod increases the critical damage dealt to named monsters by 200%.


Red dragon

  • Existing: When using ‘weak spot’, Critical Hit Rate increases by 50%.
    • New: Increases critical strike damage and critical strike chance by 50% for immunized targets.


Demonic ]

Daemon vision

  • Previously: When using ‘Overflow’, damage to enemies is increased by 125% when overcharged, but the charging time is doubled.
    • New: When using the Overflowing Tripod, damage to enemies is increased by 100% when overcharged.


Hawkeye ]


  • Previously: ‘Easy Prey’ increases your critical strike chance by 50%.
    • New: ‘Easy Prey’ Tripod increases Critical damage by 100% and deals 50% more damage if the target is a named monster.


Charging shot

  • Existing: When using ‘Instant’ cast distance increases the explosion damage by up to 90% by 30%.
    • New: Using ‘Instant’ Tripods increases explosive damage by 40%, up to 120% as the cast distance increases.
  • Existing: When using ‘Coarse Aim’, there is a 20% chance to increase damage by 200% and stun the target for 3 seconds when overcharged.
    • New: Increases critical strike damage against named monsters by 200% when using the Trueshot Tripod.


Devil Hunter ]

Shotgun Speaker

  • Existing: When using ‘Extended Shot’, 20% chance of causing additional damage to enemies hit by the last attack.
    • New: Extended Shot Tripod now deals 250% additional damage to enemies hit during the last attack.
  • Previously: Attack speed increases by 30% when using ‘Special Bullet’, and gains toughness during casting.
    • New: Increases attack speed by 20% and damage to enemies by 80% when using the Special Bullet Tripod.


Last Supper

  • Existing: When using ‘Continuous Shot’, the last attack leaves a bullet on the ground for additional damage.
    • New: Fireshot Tripod increases damage to enemies by 50%, and the last attack leaves a shot on the ground, dealing 180% additional damage.


Blaster ]


  • Previously: When using ‘Blue Flame’, a target hit more than a certain number of times will be frozen for 3 seconds, increasing damage taken by 30% for the duration.
    • New: When using the Blue Flame Tripod, targets that hit more than a certain number of times are frozen for 3 seconds and deal 50% increased damage to enemies.
  • Existing: When using ‘Burn Burn’, the maximum image overlap is increased to 10.
    • New: Burn Fire Tripod increases damage by 50% and stacks up to 10.


Improvements and Fixes
Equipment Refining]

  • Added ‘Special Ingredients’ to assist in refining.
    • When refining, the use of special materials can have a variety of effects that can help refining, including increased success rates.
    • Special materials can be obtained from contents such as Abyss Raid and Reverse Ruin.

  • A craftsmanship system has been added to increase the stability of re-skills.
    • Failing to re-skill, craftsman’s energy rises.
    • If the craftsman’s energy is at maximum, there is a 100% chance to succeed in the next round of equipment .
      ※ If the basic success rate is 100%, craftsman energy will not accumulate.
      ※ Craftsman’s energy is only applied to accumulated equipment, and is not shared with other equipment.
      ※ The craftsman’s energy will be reset upon successful reincarnation or succession regardless of the accumulated amount .



  • The following improvements have been made to make Abyss Raid smoothly.
    • Changed Abyss Raid’s mandatory respawn time from 10 to 30 seconds to better suit the situation.
    • Phase start latency has been added to Abyss Raid. This is a time that does not apply to the actual play time before using the workshop or departing the ship.
    • The progress UI of the Abyss Raid Mystic has been changed to be easier to recognize.
    • With the introduction of Kaishuter, Abyss Reid’s entry UI has been changed.
    • Added target time and rank for Abyss Raids to Abyss Raid progress UI.
  • The battle balance for the Mystic Raid Phase 1 has been adjusted as follows:
    • Mystic’s health has been lowered.
    • Lowered Mystic’s requirement to disable.
    • Relaxed the conditions to release the restraint cast by Mystic.
    • Mystic lowered the damage dealt with his Greater Abilities after stun his character.
    • Fixed the judging method for only some of the skills that rise from the floor where Mystic casts.



  • Lowered the monster balance on the Dimension Cube.


Battlefield of Proof]

  • Increased the amount of Coin Rewards for Courage that is paid weekly for the Ultra Extreme class.
    • The revised reward will be reflected from the weekly settlement on October 16, based on this week’s PvP activity.
  • Fixed an unintentional excess of rating gaps in matching.
  • Slightly increased the score for winning in matches with rating gaps, and slightly reducing the score for losing.



  • The percentage of farming points generated for each hazardous area has been changed as follows.
    • Treasure lifting points no longer spawn in the Sandstorm Rift, but generate more gold fishing points.
    • Instead of reducing the number of underwater exploration points in Siren, the Treasure Lifting and Golden Fishing Points will be slightly more.
    • There are no more underwater exploration points in cold waters, but a little more treasure lift and gold fishing points.
    • Treasure lifting points no longer spawn in stormy waters, but slightly more underwater exploration and gold fishing points.
  • Raised the level of marine life in dangerous waters.
    • Sturgeon and small lucky swordfish are the same as in previous levels.


Quest / Fellowship]

  • We have added related eponas or quests based on new content updates.
  • Added 21 new Fellowship assignments.
  • Added 5 titles as a reward for the Expedition.
  • Major quest lines and dungeons have been added to facilitate quest progress.
    • During a quest with multiple targets, the quest’s target will be displayed as a symbol when the quest cannot be completed for a certain time.
  • The NPC has been removed from the daily epo and quest targets to facilitate the use of the NPC ‘Chair’, which is in charge of property conversion and barter.

Item / milestone]

  • We have added milestones and item dictionary information as we update our new content.
  • Potion-type battle items can now be used while holding tools.


[UI / Graphic / World Map]

  • Improved the minimap displayed by pressing the Tab key as shown below.
    • With the extended minimap active, hold down the mouse wheel button and drag to change the location of the extended minimap.
    • Square Hall can be used by pressing Alt and clicking Square Hall in the expanded minimap.
  • Damage fonts have been improved as follows.
    • Damage fonts have been slightly reduced by NPC rating.
    • Unnecessary damage font output has been reduced.
  • Changed the character for channel saturation to the following graphical notation
    • Green circle-seamless
    • Yellow circle-congestion
    • Red Circle-Saturation
  • We’ve made it easier to find the location of certain quests by configuring the Wisdom Island map in two layers.



  • Added the total damage value for Arcana ‘Checkmate’ skill description.
  • Added the total damage value of the skill to Summoner ‘Twister’.
  • Added the damage score for the ‘Mother Windbird’ skill in Summoner
  • Changed the name of the buff that is applied when using the Invoker’s “Long Dragon Heatwave” skill to the “Indomitable Courage” tripod.
    • Original buff name: ignorant window
    • Buff Name after Change: Indomitable Courage



  • Added a command to restart dungeons during the Prologue Dungeon.
    • If you find it difficult to proceed due to an unexpected situation, you can use ‘/ dungeon reset’ in the chat window.
      ※ This command is only available in the Prologue Dungeon Area.



  • Removed Show / Hide Minimap and related shortcuts (Alt + M).
    • The minimap UI can be minimized through the icon on the top right.
  • Changed the location of the Mistium Exchange NPC in the Stern Area near the Abyss Reid entrance statue.
  • Improved the visibility of the ‘Show Life Bar’ option in Preferences> Gameplay> Show.
  • Fixed the ability to check the maximum item achievement level when checking the conditions for Weekly Raid II.
  • Tier 3 Event Chaos Dungeon’s Chaos Bind has been rescheduled to apply more randomly.

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