[KR] September 25th Update Notes

Improvements and Fixes
Disposition Point Expedition Conversation Information]

The propensity points for each character of the Fellowship have been expeditioned.

  • Quests that provide propensity points will only offer propensity points once per expedition.
  • The propensity points provided through the quests that are completed together when the jumping growth is completed are added to the expedition.
  • The base propensity points provided when creating a character are summed in expedition units.


Adventure discovery information has been expedition.

  • Rewards for discovering adventures are provided once per Fellowship.
  • Adventure rewards have been reorganized.
  • Expeditions that have discovered adventures can now receive an additional one-time reward for their adventures.



Silmar Battlefield]

The conditions for entry into the Guild Wars and Fortress Battlegrounds have been revamped on the battlefield of Silma.

  • Added deposit function for challenge application.
    • It means the guild hemostat required for the challenge application. If the guild blood is insufficient, the challenge application cannot be made.
    • The deposit will be automatically refunded upon payment of the Siem Reap Battleground Rank Reward if the Rank Condition is met . ※ If you fail to play the rest of the match after one participation, you may not receive the Rank Reward or Deposit due to lack of rank calculation conditions. ※ The ranking conditions and deposits vary depending on the base, so you need to check carefully before applying for the challenge.
  • We have made the following changes to the deposit, ranking, and challenge requirements for the Challenge.
    • Golden Eagle Battlefield, Blue Dragon’s Realm, Heretic Residence
      • Deposit: 7,000
      • Ranking condition: 1,000 → 1,200
    • Ground of rusty metal
      • Deposit: 4,500
      • Ranking condition: 700 → 1,200
    • Frostfire Battlefield, Battlefield of the Blue Dawn
      • Guild Rating Condition 1,100 → None
      • Deposit: 8,500
      • Ranking condition: 1,200
    • Redcliffe Fortress
      • Guiding Rating 1,701 or more → 1,301 or more
      • Deposit: 12,000
    • Bamboo forest
      • Guiding Rating: 1,300 ~ 1,700 → 900 ~ 1,300
      • Deposit: 9,500
    • Ashenwolf Northern Fortress
      • Guiding Rating Condition 1,050 or more → None
      • Deposit: 8,000


Fortification balance was adjusted as follows.

  • Increased battle preparation time as follows
    • 2 minutes 30 seconds → 3 minutes
  • Reduced the time that ‘Named Monster’ regenerates.
  • Enhance the buffs obtained by defeating the Named Monsters.
    • Upon stacking 5 stacks, gain an additional Siege of Victory buff that increases Siege Bonus damage (100%) and Physical / Magic Defense (10%).
      ※ Overlapping with the Heavy Walker Aura effect will only affect the Victory Shout buff.
  • Reduced Silma Core regeneration time by 50%.
  • Increased resistance and cannon attack range.
  • Increased the number of cannon balls that can be obtained from cannon chests by 100%.
    • Changed the maximum stack of Cannonball items from 10 to 99.
  • Reduced Heavy Walker retention time.
  • Heavy Walker skill ‘Power Night’ attack range and damage has been reduced by 50%.
  • Increased the cooldown of the Heavy Walker skill ‘Flame Thrower’.
  • Heavy Walker Aura bonus increased from 20% to 75%
  • Reduced object re-creation time to gain stealth buffs
  • Reduced the time needed to infiltrate
  • The acquisition points have been reorganized as follows.
    • Successfully summon Heavy Walkers has been changed from 30 points to 5 points.
    • Points changed from 50 points to 100 points when the Guardian Tower is destroyed.
    • Destroyed gates changed from 100 points to 200 points.
    • Points changed from 150 to 300 points when destroying Silma Guardian Statue.
  • Ashen Wolf Northern Fortress has been rebalanced.
    • Stamina statues, gates, and Silma Guardian statues have been significantly reduced.


Tactics system;

  • Mercenaries have also been updated to show ‘Starting Impending’ and ‘Available’ signs on the battlefield in Silma.
  • As soon as the rating of the mercenaries is completed, the valuation rewards have been changed.
  • When hired as a mercenary and all battlefield hours are over, the guild can now be created or added to another guild.
  • In order to better recognize mercenary hire time, the notification text is displayed in the center of the screen when mercenary hire time becomes available.



The guild system has been improved as follows.

  • Weekly distribution will also be mailed to guild members who do not meet the conditions.
    • We will also send you a weekly distribution mail to new guild members who have not reached minimum contribution.
  • Added a history of guild bloodstone use.
    • Added guild bloodstone usage history due to deposit
    • Added guild hemostat usage history to recruit mercenaries
  • Added a history of guild bloodstone acquisition.
    • Add history if you get a refund
  • Added weekly distribution history.
    • Added a history that the carryover will be carried over if the weekly guild lacks
  • If you change the weekly distribution settings, the guild members who are connected will be notified of the changed information through system messages.
  • Among the guild skills, the icons of ‘Wind of Battlefield’ and ‘Wamp of Battlefield’ have been changed to be more intuitive.
  • When the guild mana stone is purchased, charged, or deducted, a system message corresponding to the situation has been improved.


Battlefield of Proof]

Changed the structure to take into account the occupation of the player as shown below.

  • Various jobs are organized evenly without having the same job in one team.
  • However, if there are a large number of specific occupations, both teams have the same number.
    ※ The rating section can be set flexibly to prevent the matching time from getting longer.



Improved cubes and elite cubes.

  • The score balance has been modified as follows.
    • We’ve raised the diamond score and the rest of the score.
    • Fixed the acquisition score according to the difficulty of the stage.
      Example: Lowering the score of the Easy Lucky Stage and raising the score of the difficult Boss Stage
  • Fixed the number of debuff durations and values ​​as follows:
    • Fixed the number of ‘Debuff Damage Increased’ debuffs from 2 times to 1 time.
    • ‘Decrease maximum health’ debuffs have been changed to 50%, 70% → 30%.
  • Reduced chance of survival stage in Elite Cube by 50%
  • Removed the immunity and immunity from low-grade monsters appearing in the elite cube.
  • Fixed monsters to take damage while in motion (2019-09-25 add missing guide item)



  • ‘Dough comes down from the sky’ event ends and ‘Kung Duk Kung Island’ disappears.
    • The character on Kung Duk Kung Island has been moved off the island.


Lost Arc Shop]

  • Improved the ability to see avatars when previewing other occupations in the Lost Arc Shop.
  • Added ‘Rebellion’ to the pet rap preview in Lost Arc Shop.


Graphics / UI]

  • Fixed the effect of some ‘burn’ debuffs covering the appearance of large monsters.
  • Demonic ‘Howling’ skill ‘Concussion’ Tripod icon has been changed to match the actual effect.
  • Demonic ‘Rising Claw’ Skill ‘Quick Ready’ Tripod icon has been changed to match the actual effect.
  • Summoner summoner ‘Marine”s Taunt skill has been removed.



  • Loot auctions have been improved so that when you click in the input window to manually enter a bid, the previously entered numbers will be dragged.
  • Changed so that pets can be summoned and saved by character.
    • After the change, the pet will be un summoned and can be summoned again from the Pet Library (Hotkey: Alt + P).
  • Minor improvements have been made to make it easier to recognize the text in the message that appears when moving items with pet belongings disabled.
  • Fixed the sturgeon to be searchable when using the ‘Exploration: Marine Creature’ skill.
  • Removed Barter Shop from NPC Rochelle in Atropos.
  • Changed the ‘Transcendence’ buff tool tip in the Labyrinth Dungeon to a more accurate representation. 
  • Removed the phrase “Can be canceled after requesting a challenge to Guild Wars” from the battle entrance window.
  • Changed NPC ‘Fortress Elite Soldier’ ​​in Silma Battlefield Fortress to no longer use a skill without an attack decision.
  • Roppang Island’s ‘Database’ has been changed so that it can only be used from the front.
  • Changed the category of “ Authentic Panda Camouflage Set ” to “ Toys ” like other transformants.

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