Lost Ark appeared on My.Games launcher in English

With the launch of My.Games Store approaching, the Mail.ru’s gaming division executives share new details about the platform.

Mail.ru has been running a PC platform in Russia for more than ten years, with its MAU currently at around 13 million, which is comparable to Steam’s audience. The Russian tech giant is now ready to capitalize on the domestic success to expand the business beyond Russia.

Elena Grigoryan, marketing director at My.Games, says the company has also been releasing games globally for years, with 10 international offices allowing them to reach West and Asia. The global experience of My.Games’ publishing and development divisions will now inform the strategy for the PC platform.

In fact, according to the My.GamesWest’s general manager Volker Boenigk, that’s where the store’s competitive advantage lies. The company’s experience as a developer and publisher will allow My.Games to create a marketplace “that combines all our learnings and our knowledge about the issues we’ve encountered, because we publish games on Steam, on PlayStation, on Xbox,” he told to Gamesindustry.biz.

My.Games will arrive stacked with chats, friends lists, achievements and other features for core gamers. While some of them will be available from day one, others will be introduced gradually following the launch.

The Store preview image they showed, clearly shows Lost Ark in all english.

The store goes live in the West sometime in Q4 2019.

Could this mean Mail.ru will be the publisher of Lost Ark EU/NA through their My.Games platform? What do you think?


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