[KR] Winter Updates & Lost Ark leaving Open Beta in Korea

Lost Ark will be moving into full service(launch) on December 4 (Wed) after a year of Open Beta(OBT). A large update will be in progress for the official KR server.

In addition, some of the roadmap until January has been released.

Here is the Winter Update Roadmap for Korea:

So what exactly is coming to Lost Ark in Korea?
Check the list of contents below:

  • 2019 December 4
    • New Continent: Faten (More info)
      • Faten Continent is located north of Rohendel and its surrounded by the Dead Sea. Item Level requirement is 600 to enter the continent.
    • New Class: Holy Knight (More Info)
      • Holy Knight is a support type class that uses the sword and the power of faith.
    • Reverse Ruin Season 1 start, pre-season ends (More info)
    • New Island: Duky Corporation
  • 2020 January 8
    • New Island: Small Whispering Island
  • 2020 January 11
    • ‘Snowfang’ Island – Winter Event
  • 2020 January 15
    • New 4-player Raid Content: Elberhastic
    • Winter Themed Event Raid & Quests will be added

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