[RU] Lost Ark Russia - December Updates - Pet system, Elite Cube, Tower of Fate, PvP Seasons & more

This winter, adventurers will be able to challenge new, more powerful Guardians, as well as explore the improved Halls of Chaos, Elite Cube and the Tower of Fate!

Updates coming (Starting December 2nd)

  • Tier 2 Equipment Phase

    • Maximum Item Level: 520
    • 5 types: Crafting, Two types of Guardian Raid Equipment, Chaos Dungeon, PvP
  • New Guardian Raids (Guides from InfoLao)
    • Tier 3: Levanus▪ Regioros Brothers(Ice & Shadow)▪ Calventus▪ Magma Chromanium
    • Tier 4: Heavy Nakrasena  ▪ Yoho ▪ Frostgaia ▪ Titalus
  • Tower of Fate

    • Basically a harder version of ‘Tower of Shadow’ with more challenge
    • You can progress up to floor 39 with T2 equipment (item level cap 520), if you want to go above to floor 40+ you will need 560 Item Level
  • Elite Cube

    • Required Item Level: 500
    • More unexpected challenges await in the Cube of Ancients
  • Acrasium Exchange

    • You can exchange 25x T1 Acrasium to T2 Acrasium above Item Level 400
  • Pet System

    • Pets provide auto-looting by default, but you can pay extra for remote Stash, Auction House, Repair, Extra Inventory and Mailing
      • Note: Remote functions not available while Sailing, but available in Guardian Raids(Except Auction House)
      • Note: Battle stat bonuses are not applied in PvP
    • They also provide battle stats as an extra service, it is randomized ~2%-10% critical, fastness, agility, suppression, subdue, patience, endurance, etc. [you can find a table here]
    • Extra Pet services cost 120 / month
    • Pets cost 12$(15000 KRW) on Korean Server
    • Pet UI (Image from hackerzion)
  • PvP Seasons (more details later)
  • New Year’s Event (more details later)

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