[RU] Lost Ark Russia has moved to the new My.Games Store platform

2020.06.17 – MY.GAMES Store: Merge complete.

Heads up! If you log in to LOST ARK and your characters seem to be gone, don’t panic. Try to contact their support if you speak russian or just wait until they sycnhronize the old databases.

From their official forums regarding this issue:

From mail.ru website announcement:

Dear Adventurers!

The merger of the Mail.ru Games with the international gaming platform MY.GAMES Store is completed. Log in to the new system to gain access to many new features and convenient features!

What should I do now?

Immediately after the first launch, your Game Center will automatically update, turning into the MY.GAMES Game Center. After you need to re-log in and agree to the legal documents MY.GAMES.

Those who did not use mail.ru, bk.ru, list.ru or social networks for registration of mail are offered an additional linking service.

Also, due to technical changes, previously created requests to the Support Service were archived. If you still have open requests, you need to recreate them.

We tried to make the whole process as simple and convenient as possible, but if you still have any difficulties, we recommend that you contact the updated Customer Support.

What has improved?

MY.GAMES Store is an international gaming platform for the publication and sale of video games, the beta version of which was released in December 2019. Developers and publishers from around the world can publish their games on it – both F2P, and distributed according to the premium model. To date, about 300 games are presented in the MY.GAMES Store: both from MY.GAMES and from external developers. In addition to the store, the platform has its own instant messenger and multi-account system, allows broadcasting through integration with Twitch and Mixer streaming services, and is also integrated with an external in-game item store and with the item trading service between players.

Players will find many innovations!

  • More games in the catalog and new items every month.
  • Group chat – create interest groups and communicate without downloading additional programs and unnecessary registrations. You can find a team without going into the game!
  • Streaming your favorite game to popular platforms without intermediaries.
  • Section “Community”.
  • The Igromarket will be available directly inside the Gaming Center (the store at the previous address will also remain active).
  • Updated design of the Game Center, acceleration of its interface.
  • Advanced player profile.
  • More authorization methods.
  • A platform blog with interesting news and update information.

All these services are already available for authorized players. Have a nice game!


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