North Vern Adventure Tome Guide

Lets take a look at how to complete the North Vern Adventure Tome and what rewards you can get for doing so.


Completion Reward
10% Vitality Increase Potion
20% Iron Wall
30% Mount: Gray Stripe Raptor
40% Thar Card
50% Masterpiece #7
60% Skill Point Potion
70% Vern Royal Merchant Guild's Invitation
80% Linderte Goblet
90% Structure: Ancient Lazenith Statue
100% Ignea Token: North Vern


You can either use our Interactive North Vern Map, or follow the instructions below.

Port Krona

Vern Castle

Rania Village

Parna Forest

Fesnar Highland

Vernese Forest

Gorgon's Nest

Balankar Mountains

Ancient Elveria

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