[RU] December 4th - Cash Shop Update


Today, during the installation of the update, not only new mechanics were added and changes were made , but the game store was also supplemented. Read the details below!


The tab “Transport” has been renamed to “Transport Pets” (though not all – a change in the horizontal menu for selecting tabs will be added later). 4 pets of epic quality appeared in it – these are Arminators in different colors .

The cost of the Arminators is 429 . They can be purchased both for yourself and as a gift. When the item is activated, the companion will be added to the list of pets (Alt + P) and will be available to any Heritage character.

Another pet, Egzimon, will be added to the game a bit later. We will inform you as soon as this happens, and also tell you how to get it.

Pets are cute, follow their master, are sad and happy with him, and also collect trophies that have fallen from defeated opponents (you can set the settings for collecting pet prey). For a fee of 120 (a fee is charged separately for the activation of each of the features for 30 days), you can activate additional features of pets:

  • passive bonus to the characteristics of the character (1-10%);
  • additional equipment (40 cells) and the ability to use the services of the NPC responsible for the warehouse, auction, mail and equipment repair, from almost anywhere in Acrasia.

A passive bonus to combat characteristics is randomly generated when a pet is tamed, but can also be changed randomly at the Trainer’s NPC for 7 .


For those who make good friends with their pet, a Guide to Pet Training has been added to the Special Goods Store . It will teach your companions the extra emotion of “Milah,” which will be available to any pets of all Heritage characters.


In addition, several useful items have been added to the store.

Crafted Elixir – 3 pcs. , 65 .

The essence of the sea breeze , 35 .

Conqueror’s Set , 199 . Similar to the Set of the Warrior, it can only be purchased once a week, the restriction is reset at midnight from Sunday to Monday.

Trigger Chest , 148 . The limit of his purchase is once a week, recovery is at midnight from Sunday to Monday.

Casket of daily worries , 36 . It includes: Camping chest, Chest with a random epic gift and the certificate of the Efon Union – all 1 each, purchase is possible 1 time per day.

Black Market

The rotation of Black Market has also changed. In December, you can purchase the items listed below.

Black Market Rotation ( December )

Title Qty Price (crystals)
Small acrasium 1 35 
Casket of the Experienced Alchemist 1 14 
Casket of the experienced alchemist (3 pcs.) 3 42 
Casket of the Master of Alchemy 1 70 
Casket of the Master of Alchemy (3 pcs.) 3 210 
Tavern regular set 1 24 
Set of a tavern regular (3 pcs.) 3 72 
Set of Bernese Delicacies 1 119 
A set of Bernese delicacies (3 pcs.) 3 357 
Crafted Blacksmith’s Casket 1 40 
Solid craft hammer (10 pcs.) 10 18
Tools of an experienced engraver (3 pcs.) 3 55 
Radiant Sirionitis (5 pcs.) 5 45 
Lesser Rune Reliquary 1 23 
Lesser Rune Reliquary (3 pcs.) 3 69 
Greater Runic Reliquary 1 29
Large Runic Reliquary (3 pcs.) 3 87 
Epic Camping Box (3 pcs.) 3 42 
Junior Runes Choice Box II 1 140 
Ship flywheel (10 pcs.) 10 10 

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