[RU] Holiday Updates & Events 2019


December is traditionally a time of festive mood, New Year’s gifts and pleasant surprises. The LOST ARK team prepared many interesting activities for you in December!

Some of them have already begun, another is about to start – as we launch them, we will post news with details, as well as update this publication. Well, now read what awaits you in the near future!


If you haven’t checked out the big Winter Update notes, please check what’s new in the game here.



[Cash Shop] Christmas Costumes & Mount

Available until 2020, January 15th.

Costume costs 1,150 Royal Crystals(paid)

The set for male characters consists of a New Year’s outfit (+ 2% to Strength, Dexterity or Intellect), New Year’s horns (+ 1% to Strength, Dexterity or Intellect), Grandfather Klaus Beard, Candy glasses, as well as a musical instrument and weapon appearance ( + 1% Strength, Dexterity or Intellect) to your class. Every piece adds Charisma and Responsiveness points.

The set for female characters includes New Year’s dress, New Year’s horns, Red nose, Lollipop glasses, as well as a set of looks for weapons and musical instruments, depending on the class.

The costume can be tried on before purchase.
All characters of the Account of the same class to which you originally passed it will be able to use it.
To transfer or sell these items outside Account is impossible.

There is also a Legendary Mount for sale during the holidays.



Official cash shop update preview video:

[Event] LOST ARK Christmas Cup (Russian)

There will be a PvP arena tournament held by Mail.ru on December 21st and 22nd. Registrations draw announcement on December 20th.

You can register as a team of 3 at https://esports.mail.ru/ until 12:00 Moscow time on December 20.

Tournament Discord: https://discord.gg/WW3NQGh

Prizes below.

1st place 15,000   per team
2nd place 8000   per team
3-4 place 4000   per team
5–8 place 1000   per team

[Event] Crystal Top-up (Charge) Rewards

If you charge crystals during the holiday season, you will get some extra rewards.

  • If you purchase 200 rubels worth of Crystals – you will receive a Certificate of the Epona Union. Allows you to instantly complete a Daily Epona Quest, which you have already completed at least once, while the certificate is spent instead of crystals.
  • If you purchase 500 rubels worth of Crystals – you will find the Exclusive agreement of the Efon Union. Allows you to complete the Weekly Epona Quest, if all attempts have already been spent. This item has no cooldown. You can use several contracts in a row, but not more than 3 per day.
  • If you purchase 700 rubels worth of Crystals – Enchanted Soul Catcher. Allows you to collect the soul of the Guardian an additional time if daily attempts are used up. This item has no cooldown. You can use several catchers in a row, but not more than 3 per day.
  • If you purchase 1000 rubels worth of Crystals – you will get Small Acrasium x3.
  • If you purchase 3000 rubels worth of Crystals , you will receive a charming pet Egzimon, the effect of the pet is determined randomly.
  • If you purchase 5000 rubels worth of Crystals , you will receive  Legendary Casket (5 pcs.), Which contains valuable items to increase your Affinity with the NPCs.

Preview of the Pet given as bonus with 3000 rubels purchase:


You can only receive one bonus per crystal purchase, so buying 5000 will only give the Caskets. You will find the items in the in-game shop by pressing F4.

[Event] Login event – Calendar of Gifts during Holidays

The login event rewards calendar is still going until December 31st aswell. You can get a costume set and various useful consumables during the event by just logging in daily.

This calendar came with the Winter Update.

There are also events on VKontakte group for russian users for pet giveaways, etc. and also on their official russian discord.
Sadly most of the events are for Russian people, but you can view the post here about it:

You can view all the events planned in the Event calendar on the mail.ru website. Click here.

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