Lost Ark Russian Open Beta VPN & Download Guide

There are two options for using a VPN with Lost Ark RU, either use the built in one or use a dedicated VPN. The built in VPN has been known to work with different people.

For dedicated VPNs, Exitlag is recommended however there are other options as well. Both methods will be shown here. 

1. Built-in VPN: First make sure you have installed the Mail.ru Game Center from here to a desirable location.


The launcher should look like this when running:

You will want to click on the cogwheel on the top right for settings and select the option shown below in the picture :

Select the option highlighted in red and choose between L2TP and PPTP:

The difference between them is that L2TP is more secure however may be a little slower than PPTP. After selecting the correct options, click OK.


Add Lost Ark as a game to My Games and then navigate to it. There will be an option for VPN circled in red below. Click on it and let it connect.

If this does not work, you can try using ExitLag, which is recommended due to their stable connection, simplicity and trusted services.

2. How to use ExitLag

ExitLag is recommended by the Lost Ark Community, due to its easy-to-setup manner and the stable connection it provides without any further knowledge needed.

You can try it for 3 days for FREE without any credit card info or purchase a plan. You can also get 20% off your purchase with LADB coupon code.

To visit their site, register and download, click here.

Step 1. After installing and setting up a plan or even the 3-day trial.
Start up your ExitLag and let it analyze routes. Once ready, you need to add the GameCenter launcher and Lost Ark RU to ExitLag.

Step 2. Choose Moscow and apply the routes. Make sure to click APPLY ROUTES for both.

Step 3. Once the red dots for both Lost Ark RU and GameCenter are on, the VPN should be running for those two applications. It’s that simple, you are ready to play.


The next step is to login and start the download by clicking the highlighted button 

After logging in, the download should start. If not, click the green button again. The details of the download should appear on the bottom left of the launcher. 

You will also want to make sure that GameCenter does not start on its own without a VPN, follow the instructions above.

After you are done playing, make sure to log out and exit the launcher properly:



Step 1. Navigate to %AppData%\Local\GameCenter installation path

Step 2. In the folder, edit the gamecenter.ini file

Step 3. In APPRegion = type 188 to maintain the Russia region

Step 4. In Lang change the value to EN to change the Launcher to English. (If you don’t see this, add ” Lang=EN ” under [Main])

Step 5. Save the file and right click it > Properties > Set Read-only.

Your Gamecenter is now in English with Russia region.


Written by Firekingster with the help of Perciculum(T-Party).