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  • Update: The issue has been fixed, please update your patcher to v5. There are currently issues regarding the English Patch for Lost Ark RU. Please read the forum post about the issue here.


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Oct 26, 2019
[ Known Issues List ]
This is a list of issues and bugs that have been acknowledged by the Russian Developer/Publisher Team.

- Quest "Halls of Chaos" is not working
"Dear players! At the moment, there is a problem in the game in the Dungeon of Absorbing Darkness blocking the possibility of its passage.
Access to this dungeon is temporarily limited, now we are waiting for corrections from the developers.
Information on the restoration of spent "Invitations to the Chaos Halls" will be provided later. " - Source: link

- Items lost upon use
"Dear players! The project team is aware of the loss of things when trying to use them in a number of characters and, together with the developers, is actively engaged in eliminating this problem.
Information on recovering lost items will be published after troubleshooting. " - Source: link


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Oct 26, 2019
Update on 11/02

Gameplay errors:

The collective reward chest does not open and occupies the inventory box.In work
When playing for the archetype Monk, some users encountered a problem in the prologue: after completing the quest "White Chambers" they are not given the following task.In work
When playing for the archetype Mage, some users encountered a problem in the prologue: the quest “Sanctuary of the Waters” cannot be completed, since progress stops at 85%.In work
Some secret cards require you to play a tune that is currently not available in the game.In work
Under certain conditions, in heroic mode, a player does not receive a reward after killing the final boss in the Maw of the Agilisk dungeon.In work
If a player crashes a client in the process of completing the main Tortoik quest, he will not be able to continue the task upon returning.In work
When a player examines the equipment of another player, he sees an incorrect value of its level (HS).In work
Since jewelry in our version does not have a level (GS), the weekly order of the Efon Union to improve equipment cannot be fulfilledIn work
There are no armor recipes with a low level of equipment for the Strelok archetype class.Corrected
Incorrect popup Islands appearance interval (they appear 2 times in a row).Corrected
The lack of an action button to descend from the first room in the Absorbing Darkness dungeon.Corrected
Obtaining more than 1 Acrasium per day from the Secret Dungeons.Corrected
Lost items when trying to use them in a number of charactersCorrected

Technical problems (crashes, optimization):

Spontaneous client closure by AMD 5700XT graphics card ownersCorrected

Text errors in names and descriptions:

Incorrect description of the action in the quest "To rejoice early." The assignment says: "Talk with Dagon," but in fact, you need to activate the emotion "Doubt."In work
An English translation instead of Russian crept into some texts.In work
Insufficiently detailed descriptions of receiving awards from the Atlas. The system message is misleading, information will be added on the applicability of Atlas rewards for all Heritage characters. An example .In work
Cell naming error: two different elite monsters in the Judas Atlas have the same name, Carnivorous Salt Scorpion. Instead of one "scorpion" there should be a "Voracious ol-khorgh"In work
Description error: to open locked chests in a pop-up message, a “Copper key” is required, and in a system message - “Gold”.In work
Error in the name of the tab: “Normal view” in the character creation window.In work
Riding pet AU-RUS 1619 is now a personal item, but must be inherited (when activated, it works correctly, like other inherited mounts, and is added to the personal list). Because of this, prior to activation, it cannot be transferred through the Heritage repository (in case of receiving NSD by the wrong character)In work
Naming mistake: when completing the quest “I do not want to be a regent” in East Lutheria, part of the story from the Atlas falls as a reward - the item has the name “Legend of the Ruoden River”, but is entered in the Atlas as Notes of the “Moonlight Sonata”.In work
Incorrect name of the NPC to whom the quest “Things on the ship” is submitted.In work
In titles, the translation of personality parameters differs from the translation in the character's tab ("Wisdom - Intelligence", "Bravery - Courage", "Charm - Attractiveness", "Responsiveness - Politeness").In work
The Legacy interface is accessible from the first level, but when you try to get bonuses, an unedited error message appears.In work
When quests open access to Engraving, in the animation they are called Enchantment for Rings.In work
Incorrect content of some text prompts displayed on loading screens.In work
Incorrect names of sailors in the quest “Fearless Mariners”.In work

Sound errors:

Incorrect soundtrack of two cut scenes in the quest “Scorched Wasteland”.In work
Saved the original Korean voice acting for boss Commander Rommel.In work