LostArkDB LostArkDB rework, lost data and the future

  • Update: The issue has been fixed, please update your patcher to v5. There are currently issues regarding the English Patch for Lost Ark RU. Please read the forum post about the issue here.

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Oct 26, 2019
Hello everyone!

I'm Tsurata, the guy behind LostArkDB. I have been very inactive during the first fiscal year of Lost Ark KR's Open Beta due to the reverifications and the bad taste that Smilegate gave me, on top of this I had IRL issues. However, even though I did not enjoy korean version that much, I still have love for this game.

LostArkDB has a long run already, since the first closed beta and announcements back in 2016. I did not have too much time in the last year and during a brute force attack this September, most of the data was lost. The database was damaged to the point that I couldn't salvage/restore it, so I decided to do a fresh start and slowly filling up the contents.

I also hired a coder, so lots of improvements should appear after the initial content gets filled up. (Hopefully everything will go well regarding this, I can not promise any features yet)

I will be actively following the game and posting every related news on both the main site and this community board.
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